Bella Thorne’s Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo : Bikini workout in Mexico

Bella Thorne was taken a snap while enjoying PDA with her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo for a romantic gateway that was followed in Mexico. This event occurred 2 days after Tana Momgeau dissed her over the youtube platform. Bella Thorne is presently working 23 years old and his boyfriend who happens to be an Italian singer, Benjamin Mascolo, the 27 years old guy were caught in the same frame on a beach in Tulum on 4th of January 2021 where both of them were captured giving a hug to each other. In the picture, we saw the Assassination Nation star was continuing her workout wearing a short and a bikini. This attire led to an appealing and catching moment.

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Bella and Benjamin having romance

Bella and Benjamin were in a workout session and during that, Bella balanced herself on Benjamin’s shoulder, and he, in turn, held on her butt. She even shared the PDA on Instagram post that Bella has shared on 2nd of January 2020. Bella had gushed under the vacation selfies which represented the actress snuggling her noses with Benjamin. The couple was celebrating the new solo album which he had announced their Mexico gateway on 2nd of January, 2021. Benjamin had even commented under the photos staying, Babeeeeee [heart emoji] 2021 is going to be our year.” 

Bella did split from the famous YouTuber in the year 2019 during the month of February and the breakup thus, appeared to be amicable. Whatsoever, we do not see Bella to be sweating over the drama and thus, she appeared to be enjoying her time with her boyfriend, Benjamin in Mexico. We wish the couple a lot of good wishes in this upcoming year. Tons of love to the two!

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