Best 10 MMORPGs for Android

Best 10 MMORPGs for Android

Enter a world where there is no ending to the fun, frolic, adventure and action packed events. Yes, in other words, enter the world of MMORPGs. The world where you will be mesmerized and will possibly get endless options and loads of opportunities to prove yourself in a never-ending battle. Yes, the interesting part is that, the more you involve yourself in it, the more you come to know how deep and vast  MMORPGs actually have to offer.. Let’s now take a look at the best ones:-

Grow Stone Online

Free to Play

Grow Stone Online may for some be referred to as a retro style MMORPG, but what we do know is that it certainly doesn’t hold much proximity to an old MMORPG. As we know that graphics hold key elements and it is 2D pixel art and other than that, it has all the features like the way you would normally associate with MMORPG. For example, the game offers different characters in a vast world and lots of bad guys going to do stuff to loot and collect. 


Price: Free

In order to be in the race, you need to show yourself as a winner and that’s exactly AdventureQuest3D knows. Yes, as a growing and popularizing MMORPG, its features are at par with the best ones. You can do what you really want to, such as create a preferred character, raid dungeons etc. You get full support through chat and its cross-platform support is awesome. You can use your mobile or pc to play.

Era of Legends

Price: Free to play

Being a relatively newer game, it has transformed itself to some of the action packed events like unearthing secret things and exploring more options. Other than that, there is a PvP arena etc. There are boss fights and lots of scenes which necessitate you to prepare for the worst. It is up to you to use auto-play or go for manual one. It is free game where few issues may occur

Arcane Legends

Price: Free to play

Arcane Legends knows its value as being there for a long time now and has earned the reputation amongst the hearts and minds of people. There are different standards to choose while playing. The level of interest is maintained through various PvP formats. What is more noteworthy is that developers exactly know the pulse of the users as they keep on updating the game so that it remains fresh and its potential users have something or other to get from the game which has become a part and parcel of their lives.

School of Chaos Online

Price: Free to play 

The game centers on bullying and it has been encouraged and fighting has become a part and parcel of life. Yes, welcome to the world of how School of Chaos Online has developed itself and a sneak peak of the game would have given you an indication about how action packed events with atmospheric tensions are going to be the order of the day in the game. Yes, the game centers on the tense social life of high school where many scenes are going to occur for the worst. Unlike others, here you can create your own quests. You can customize your characters and will learn the art of various moves to fight. 

Aurcus Online

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Free to play

Looking for acrobatic attacks? Well, that’s the power of this game which uses its combat controls towards giving a hearty fun and adventure right at the comfort of your home. You feel that you have achieved so far with the right dominance and that’s exactly you start to proceed cautiously. However, a slight mistake and you tend to lose. So basically, it offers a battle of fluctuating fortunes but you know you can attack others one tap or raid bosses by joining your friends or do PvP combat. The captivating animation glues your eyes while you play it with more interest. 

Black Desert Mobile

Price: Free to play

Black Desert Mobile may be relatively new as compared to many others, but it is no less than the finest characters, places, features, large open world and customization which goes in making the game top notch. There are standard quests and missions you need to follow and play with five different classes. It does have few issues. You can earn and use Google Play Points for earning free stuff right through the game. 

Lineage 2: Revolution

Price: Free to play

A new addition to MMORPGs, Lineage 2 has refreshing content with eye chanting graphics. Its uniqueness lies towards its 50-vs.50 Fortress Siege mode. Being free, you can pass time, thanks to the interesting levels you will come across with. Although, it does come with few issues due to bugs. However, the good thing is that you will be eligible for Google Play points too. 

Old School RuneScape

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Price: Free / $10.99 per month 

When it comes to games, what matters the most is how a certain game potentially develops the interest level. Yes, it is for this reason Old School RuneScape comes in the category of preferred ones with lots of potential to develop interest. Starters have the option to play for “free” while subscription will give you more content. There are wide options which will make you at the edge of your seat thanks to its hundreds of quests, great economy etc. Those who subscribe are rewarded with a map and additional stuff as well. The graphics may not be an ideal one, but it works cross-platform but overall, it is worth playing and removing boredom for sure. Your mobile needs the likes of this game

Rucoy Online

Price: Free to play

Every game is unique in its respect and so is the way this game which uses 2D maps lets you play as a 2D sprite. There are three character classes and you can choose the one you prefer. Obviously, there is an open world for you to go and enthrall yourself right with the action happening on the ground as the game has multiplayer options with the inclusion of PvP and co-op modes. So, while you play the game, you will keep on remembering how refreshing and new a side of the game you are witnessing and enjoying. 

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