Best 10 substitutes of Putlocker for watching TV shows and free movies

Best 10 Putlocker alternatives to Tv shows and free movies


The craze of movies have become quite sky-high of late. Now, in order to give viewers treat, a torrent website namely Putlocker has come up to give users the convenience to download movies as well as television series with no charge. Yes, it is totally free and the best thing is that the whole process is legal as well. (24 Alternative Websites Like HDOnline )

If you simply love watching movies and are looking forward to get few of the best eye catching ones, then the online world offers the list of top 10 sites like Putlocker. Yes, the following post is all about searching online for the best Putlocker alternative site to watch your favorite HD movies online or by downloading

Usually, you may get issues with buffering, then you can use VPN. Since, there should be no restrictions to your expectations of watching online HD movies

Before moving further, let’s know more about Putlocker

The journey for Putlocker hasn’t  been easy. The website got lots of flak earlier. Way back in 2016, high court of UK questioned the authencity of the websites which necessitated MPAA to shut down. The axe on the website eventually got into, where Australian Federal Court blocked the site.

Top 10 sites like Putlocker where you can watch TV and movie shows online 

Putlocker provides updated links to TV shows and movies 

Solar Movie 

If you want to watch movies and TV series at the cozy comforts of home, then Solarmovie helps you to attain the same with perfection for free

Thanks to awesome HD content which is provided along with documentaries, there are free movies and TV series which will remove your boredom and you will end up with rib-tickling times. 

Key Features

  • Content loads at awesome speed
  • Free streaming service which creates great time for watching content online
  • HD quality free movies
  • Highly electrifying search options to give you mind-blowing results
  • No registration is needed


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Another name in the list is that of Myflixer where you can watch movies and series of online content in full HD view. It doesn’t consist of ad. There is equally no registration which you have to undergo while watching more than 10000 movies as well as TV series. The website realizes that on certain times of the day, you may be too busy to watch, so here you get the option of downloading the same so that you can watch it later. 

Visit :-


The reason for families to be together is because they can watch content together. Here, without downloading or registration, you can happily watch TV shows and movies. There is nothing that users are required to pay here. 

Key Features

Don’t you want to watch rib tickling movies and shows, in short highly captivating content in terms of romance, drama and more 

Well, if your eyes are glued towards watching such awesome genre with perfection where you can get highly rich and meaningful content every single time, then look no further. Yes Soap2Dayoffes awesome times for cherishing little but important times of your day.


Yifymovies is another site to watch movies and TV series. Considering the highly rich content it generates, it can be regarded as quite a competitor to Putlocker. It is slightly different from Putlocker, based on the rating it generates. For example, you can sort out the posters with ratings so that you can decide for yourself which one to go for. Yifymovies is quite popular thanks to content rich platform where you don’t need registration.

Key Features

There are sorting options offered by Yifymovies and you can search based on genre, rating and date of the movie

  • If you are looking for movies with subtitles, then it does offer as well
  • There is no registration
  • You get HD content and quality
  • You can watch movie on tablet, Smart TV, PC, mobile phones 
  • Visit


Hulu is an American website which is undertaken by Walt Disney and there are other shareholders associated with the same. 

Amongst the paid subscriptions, if you are looking for original TV series, then Hulu is what you are desirous of. Talking about sites where you are supposed to pay, then Hulu can be regarded as the one which is cheaper to pockets than Netflix

Hulu offers stream TV and movies online which you can watch anywhere and anytime, so it acts as your perfect partner in your boredom. Yes, be it the area of your interest, Hulu has given something special and worth passing time for everyone. 

Hulu has a package where you get whopping 25% discount if you create selected channels such as Disney+ and ESPN + and you just need to spend $12.99 monthly

Key Features

  • You name any genre and that is provided by Hulu. Yes, be it Live News, TV shows, live spots, originals, movies, kids etc
  • There are original TV series with paid subscription which Hulu offers
  • Hulu goes out to support major devices


There is another website which gives you the convenience of free streaming and downloading of movies and TV shows. There are wide genres of options you get from TV shows, Hollywood movies, web series, documentaries, animation movies, TV movies, kid centric programs etc

Yesmovie also offers a substitute to Solarmovie where you can watch TV shows and online movies. It provides different categories’ in the form of Action, Drama, Adventure, comedy, animation etc.

Key Features

  • It is an online free streaming site
  • It helps you towards providing content in various languages in the form of English, Hindi, French, and Korean etc
  • There are various countries which it supports and they are in the form of United States, Asia, Japan, Europe, UK, Korea, France etc
  • In order to know more, you can visit the


Now, you don’t have to pay monthly subscription for watching free on-demand streaming service. 

There are wide options to choose from without any signing up where you can get awesome genre such as comedy, action, drama, family, romance, documentaries etc.

You can also download Popcornflix 

Key Features

  • You can watch hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows without any charge
  • There are more than 1000 movies and TV shows along with viral videos which you can get on demand
  • The website has also dedicated a part of its service for children where Popcornflix kids additional streaming service is there meant to lighten up the lives of children with various fun-filled shows

Visit :-


When life gives so many options to choose from, where possibly one of them is Afdah which helps you to watch movies and TV shows without the need to download. Being a reliable and safeguarded site, you can happily watch HD quality TV shows as well as movies. So, overall, if you are feeling bored or you want to liven up your life with some of the interesting content, then you know the place for the same. 

Key Features

  • Afdah is a web scraper which has been coded to crawl and index movie sites
  • There is no registration
  • Subscription fee is nil
  • You can watch online movies and TV series with your near and dear ones without any issues
  • Check

123Movies orMovies123

The reason why 123 Movies is in the list is that it is also a movie and TV series streaming platform where you can watch shows in HD quality. 

123 movies give you the convenience of witnessing various hit shows as well as latest movies. The user interface is simple, so it offers a hassle free method to operate the same. There are wide options in the form of drama, action, thriller, comedy, animation 

123 movies have such an immense collection of hit movies belonging to different countries such as South Korea, France, USA, Japan, Germany India etc that based on the level of interest you can watch with perfection and awesomeness. 

Visit :

Putlocker 2

Putlocker 2 is another alternative for Putlocker where you will be mesmerized with HD quality free movies , shows. There is nothing you have to pay in terms of downloading or registration.

So, if you are searching for awesome content, then you know Putlocker 2 is there for you where watching so many genres will simply do the trick for you

Visit –

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