Best 7 twitter apps for Android

twitter apps for Android
twitter apps for Android

How often do you notice complaints which are done on twitter and get fast hearing? I am sure you would have seen whether it is about the substandard ‘after sales services’ on behalf of a mobile company or an unhygienic food where concerned railway ministry office members instantly react to tweets.

Yes, that’s just two of the many incidents and there is literally a sea of complaints which finds a promising solution through Twitter. Yes, this is how the craze of this social network platform has gone way beyond over the years, than it was really expected. Twitter and Facebook have hundreds of millions of daily users and both these mediums give updated and latest news which act as a glue for users to constantly check them for different kinds of updates. If you are looking for an awesome Twitter experience, then look no further, as the post will give you best 7 twitter apps for Android:-

Friendly For Twitter

Free / $1.99 – $9.99

Get from here

Friendly For Twitter is another new Twitter app. The developer has earlier created a friendly app for Facebook, and now it has done for Twitter. So, if you are looking to check the old timeline, then that can be done through the app, as it helps you to check the same by scrolling through the same, similar to what you expect with any other Twitter app.

There are so many tools which you will find interesting in order to play with. There are other features where you can download the videos of Twitter, GIFs as well as images, based on your preference. If you go for a pro version, then you will find that you get loads of customization options to follow and adhere as well. 

Albatross for Twitter

Free / $2.99

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A new third party entrant, Albatross for Twitter has features such as ad-free experience, themes and news in chronology. Although, the app didn’t find lots of popularity in the initial phase, yet it has come of age with recent updates. It also supports mostly all the formats of media, which Twitter users. Consumers get an easy approach with Tweet scheduling. There are tweets which tend to be sorted out through list, notifications etc. 

Fenix 2


Get From Here

Fenix 2 is another app which supports various accounts. It also comes with an awesome design and has a mute system etc.  You can also create customization for your main screen and that’s where your creativity matters the most. Although, when compared to others, it may be relatively a new app, but it has functions which show the extent of utility. It is cost effective. Although, if you are looking for a free version, then I am afraid, you won’t be able to find one. 


Tweepi is another app people use with their Twitter accounts. Get Tweepi today.

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Free / $19.99 monthly

Hootsuite is another Twitter app which does the tracking of various social networks at one go. Now, that means through this app, you can check various social media accounts namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Additionally, there are others which you can equally check too. Although, technically speaking, you need initial learning like a few minutes of playing with it, and then as you become proficient, operating is just like a breeze.  In order to save your time and energy you can effectively post to various social networks at one go along with being notified for Facebook and Twitter, as people tag or mention you over there. There is a subscription for the complete list of features you are going to use. So, basically if you have a business entity or something similar, then you may need this type of service. 

Owly for Twitter

Free / $2.99

Owly for Twitter is a new entrant which is unique in few respects like it bypasses twitter’s character limit etc. The app lacks few of the basic features along with UI elements. However, apart from the same, it is an app which offers a decent, simple and awesome Twitter app with so many features. The developers are also constantly trying ways to improve the features, so you can expect more of the happenings in future with this app. 

Talon for Twitter 

Free / $2.99 – $10.00

Talon for twitter is another app. It used to be referred as the first one with Material Design and has since been quite a promising and best Twitter app for people. You need a clean and simple user interface and it offers the same and also it lends support for two accounts. It has night mode, Android Wear etc. There is a subscription associated with it. So, I would like to advise you to test it first before the refund process gets over, so that if in case you don’t want, you can easily return the same. However, it is one of the best Twitter apps which have seen quite promising features. 


Free / $4.99

Get From Here

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TwitPane is another one of the apps with a wide list of customization features. It is lightweight and it is clean as well as easy to operate where it only shows the specific tabs, which you want to see. Hence, you can easily remove those stuff which you don’t want for yourself. In short, it is easy, with a clean user interface and makes it easy for you to keep your twitter experience very precise with no unnecessary stuff. 

The free version comes with three accounts while there are five for the paid version. It is simple and solid. There are ads in the free version where the paid one is without the same. 

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