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In today’s modern era, almost every person aspires to become an entrepreneur. Millennials prefer working on their terms instead of taking orders or following instructions. As a result, many people are stepping into the business with their startups. Some are exploring the service industry, while others have the urge to innovate something new. But is running a business that simple? Of course, not. From overseeing marketing, managing finances to building a team – entrepreneurship comes with its fair share of responsibilities.

Fortunately, things are changing in this new decade – all thanks to technology. Excessive digitalization is bringing tech-friendly tools and applications to simplify business operations. You can keep track of group projects with collaboration tools and simultaneously manage customer relationships with evolving software. Besides this, there countless tools for generating invoices, preparing financial statements, and managing expenses. Alongside equipping yourself with entrepreneurial skills, become a little tech-savvy too.

If you are clueless about these applications, let us help you out. Here we are unfolding the seven best android apps to make your small business succeed.


Whether you are running a multi-national organization or a small business – bookkeeping is inevitable. Surprisingly, you no longer have to hire people to record transactions because digital applications can perform this task free of cost. In case you are facing trouble estimating taxes, recording expenses, or assessing income – download Hurdlr. It is the best mileage tracker app that helps keep track of all business inflows and outflows. Similarly, it prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to estimate your tax payments for the year.

It comprises an automatic tracker that connects with your bank accounts. If any income gets credited to your account, the app categorizes it as a business income. Likewise, if you link your credit cards with the app, it can monitor all the expenses. Do you know the best part? All these features are accessible free of cost, but consider getting a premium account if you want to enjoy more features.


As a business owner, your utmost responsibility is to ensure seamless communication in the organization. After all, you have to ensure that every employee is working towards the same goal. Although emails have become a crucial communication tool, it is not a place where colleagues can chat. Slack is the new business communication application as it offers countless customizations. In addition to team messaging, it lets employees share documents, files, and digital media. Moreover, it also provides slash-commands, meaning you can insert shortcuts of apps like Google drive to attach and share files quickly.


Finding an impeccable note-taking app is nothing less than finding the perfect pair of jeans. It is time to leave the foolproof note-taking method with pen and paper and switch to modern applications. It saves you the hassle of filing and documenting papers, keeping the business operations in order. Evernote lets you organize notes by creating separate notebooks. Hence, you can have a separate book for customers, suppliers, and retailers.

Likewise, you can choose to either make the notebook private or share it with your subordinates. Another unbelievable thing about this app is that you can decide how to view notes. It offers a card view, giving a snippet of the latest notes, or you can create a checklist with a bullet point option. Besides, feel free to customize sections with different fonts and colors – blue for marketing, red for finances, etc.


Usually, small businesses don’t have enough space to devote an entire room for filing and documentation. With savvy tools, there is no need for such rooms either. Dropbox is a file-syncing and storage application with more than 14.3 million users. It comes with the ‘smart sync’ feature that keeps your hard drive storage in check. Likewise, it integrates with Microsoft Office and Google Docs, letting employees share files readily. Are you wondering about security? Dropbox offers a top-notch privacy policy, eliminating all threats of data breaches and theft.


Does your business require a lot of collaborative work? Trello is a fun and intuitive app to help people manage projects. It helps organize, coordinate, assign, and track work while moving amongst large groups of people. You can create a board for every department – human resource, marketing, finance, and add employees. You can develop sub-boards such as pending work, assigned, incomplete, etc. and insert a card on each board. Most importantly, you can tag employees on specific cards and share the boards with outside collaborators. Thus, whether you are working on traditional projects or something extensive, Trello can come in handy.


If you are an active Google apps user, Streak can be an incredible addition to your tech-friendly applications. It is a (CRM) tool that integrates with Google applications. Therefore, instead of organizing customers by contact or emails, it throws light on their significance in your business. It lets you track customer’s emails while giving an insight into who is opening them. You can also observe the business flow – increase/decrease in sales and work on customer retention. Streak is simple to configure and lightweight, which means you won’t come across any storage issues.


With the rising trend of online shopping, it is imperative to have a reliable forum for accepting online payments. PayPal Here is a popular Commerce Platform that lets your customer pay from anywhere, an ideal app for business to get paid on the go. It provides an all-in-one payment solution while keeping the data secure. Therefore, whether the customer wants to make payment through debit card, union pay, or credit card – PayPal Here accepts all payments. Create a merchant account or a payment form and start receiving payments through your business website. If you have a tight budget, get a PayPal Payments Standard account as it doesn’t charge any monthly fee.


Believe it or not, the emerging android applications are making lives more comfortable. People are reaping the benefits of online shopping, while businesses are enjoying smooth workflows. Nowadays, running a business has become relatively straightforward, opening doors for more investment opportunities. Hence, in addition to facilitating small businesses, technology is boosting the entire economy. If you are unaware of savvy applications, start exploring to get your business to the top.

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