Best App Lock Apps:10 Apps You Can Not Miss

Best App Lock Apps

In this digital era, privacy and security are two crucial things that one has to maintain. If we see the ratio of smartphone users, then it in big numbers to notice. Mobile phones have become a part of our integral life as people love to spend time with it.

There are lots of apps that are prone to security, such as banking apps, social media apps, note-taking apps, and gallery apps. All these are crucial apps which contain our personal and sensitive piece of information.

All we want to lock these apps so that whenever we hand over our phone to anyone, they will not be able to access without a password or any security.

Which App Is Best For App Lock?

In this fast-moving world, a lot of apps are being developed daily. So, we need to be careful and select the right apps. Before moving to the app lock, let’s first know what an app lock is.

App Lock: It is a security application that can lock any app that you want. The apps are developed in such a way that they define and protect your sensitive data. Moreover, it comes with different lock styles like a two-layer locking system. Here, you will find some of the Best app locks which you can download on your Android Phones.

So now, the question is which app is best for the app lock?

There are many apps available that are very good with its security features and locking systems. All the lock apps are available on Google Play Store, which is a secured place to download with just one click.

Here is the Top 10 Best App Locks list that you need to know.

  1. Norton App Lock
  2. CM App Lock
  3. Apex Launcher (In-Built Lock)
  4. Secure Locks For Apps
  5. App Lock by IvyMobile
  6. App Lock- Finger Print & Password, Gallery Locker
  7. Ultra App Lock
  8. Lockit
  9. App Lock by BGNmobi
  10. App Lock by Spsoft

How do I lock apps?

It’s a simple process once you download any app lock from the play store.

After you finish your download and installtion of the app lock, open it at the same time. You see a user-defined simple interface, and it will ask you to create a password that you want to keep. All the apps come with different passwords like a fingerprint, pattern lock, or a pin password.

Now, it is your turn to put a password that you can easily remember. Moreover, an email has to be given for security reasons. Once you are done with these settings, you are free to lock any apps that you want, such as Facebook, Instagram, Gallery, etc.

You can do it with one touch as apps are listed, so tap the lock button and you are done. To check the app is working, just open the app which you have previously locked with the same password. See the results!

Is AppLock safe?

Yes, it is a 100 percent secure application. You get a lot of options to provide security to your phones. A total protection layer is made to protect your essential data from spying eyes.

Moreover, it protects you from unauthorized sources where you can put a password for protection. It comes with a store file options such as Photo Vault and Video Vault feature. With this option, you can even protect your media files.

How can I lock WhatsApp without any app?

Yes, the method is straightforward, with no complications. To lock the WhatsApp without any lock app, follow the steps below as described.

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Let’s Lock Whatsapp…

  1. First of all, go to Settings on your Android smartphone.
  2. Now, find the privacy option and open it. From there, choose ‘Protected Apps,’ and you will see a pattern-making password.
  3. Now, make your desired pattern that you want to keep but make sure you remember it. However, you can also add an email for the recovery option in case you forget the pattern.
  4. Once you made the pattern, you will see a list of apps, so select the WhatsApp for now.
  5. Now, when you launch the WhatsApp, the app will not open because it is protected, and you need to give access to the notification that pops up when you try to open the WhatsApp.
  6. After, giving access draw the pattern which you made earlier, and it will open your WhatsApp.

How do I turn off the app lock?

Want to disable the app lock option, then follow the steps here.

  1. Revisit settings and search for privacy.
  2. Open the protected apps by drawing the pattern which was set by you.
  3. You will see the list of apps, and from there, uncheck the WhatsApp.

List Of 10 Best App Lock Apps

  1. Norton App Lock

Norton is a big brand name that offers various services like Antivirus, VPN, and much more. The app is free of cost and does the job effectively. Using this app, you can add passcode security to various, which you like. Moreover, it has a Pin Code security feature, which lets you add a 4-digit pin to lock apps. Even you can use the same pin on more than one app.

Want to share it with your friends or kids? Now, you can easily give as they won’t access your private data without your permission. One of the best features is it adds a layer of security in case you lost your phone.

Sneak Peek Anti-theft is an advanced feature of this app; it takes a photo of the person if someone fails to open in 3 attempts. Later, you can see the image of the person in the photos folder.


  1. CM App Lock

This is a CM app lock by Red Ulka. It is an emoji-based app lock that keeps your data safe by intruders. The usability is easy and fast with different types of lock screens featured with emojis.

It offers you the pattern and fingerprint lock option with faster response and convenient to use. The phone boost feature is there to speed up your phone in a few seconds. Now, no one can check your confidential data, messages, and photos. You can even customize the lock themes and set them using multiple passwords.


  1. Apex Launcher (In-Built Lock)

If you are aware of launchers, then Apex launcher is one of the best to use. This app has an inbuilt app lock feature that everyone loves to use. You can say it does dual work.

It comes with numerous features that include easy customization, themes with a lot of icon packs.

You can hide apps and lock them to protect your privacy at the same time. The app lock can lock any app you choose from the Apex launcher section. Moreover, it is easy to hide media files, such as videos and images.

Pin password and setting a pattern feature is there to lock and maintain privacy.

Users can also modify their own lock time and lock mode, which is a fantastic feature. It is one of the best lock apps and the best launcher which performs the dual work. The best part of the app is you can maintain with ease.

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  1. Secure Locks For Apps

One of the most rated lock apps which works like a charm. Yes, I am talking about Secure Locks by Systweak Software. It will keep all your confidential data, sensitive information and maintain privacy with security.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, or any other app can be smartly locked with just one tap.

Now people won’t be snooping your phone, and your private information is safe and secure. It offers passcode and fingerprint locking options to you. Moreover, it is a small size app and simple to use. Two of the best-described features are mail recovery, in case if you forget the passcode as well as is ad-free application. It keeps your data safe and won’t share it with any third-party apps. Also, it does not drain your battery power as it is a lightweight app.


  1. App Lock by IvyMobile

It is the best promising App Lock with features which is developed by IvyMobile. App lock is free of cost, and you don’t need to pay anything to use. Now, within clicks, you can lock all your confidential data and keep it safe from prying eyes. It can lock all kinds of apps such as system, social, banking, or even third-party apps, which means complete privacy is given.

We also need to save our private media files such as photos and videos, and for that, it can lock them too with ease. Now, with so many options you get for locking, no intruder can peep into your professional life. Also, while you pin or make a pattern, nobody can see the password or pattern defined by you as it is invisible, so a safe step is present. It is a decent app with pretty good features.


  1. App Lock- Finger Print & Password, Gallery Locker

This is another lightweight lock app by SailingLab, which focuses on privacy protection with its extensive features. The app has got multiple locking options, which you can decide and choose your preferred style. Options like Pin, Fingerprint, and Pattern locks are available. Various apps you manage to lock like system, wallet, social media, or any other category apps which you may want to. The app lock performs its job and prevents your device from unauthorized access.

Moreover, it has got some extra features that you love it. It supports the screen lock feature in which it can protect your mobile from strangers without your permission.

Besides, you can choose the various in-built themes and design patterns as per your choice. Also, it gets updated from time to time with the latest designs. To provide extra real-time protection, is has got the Photo Vault feature, which hides photos and videos. In this way, your media files are also secure with an additional layer of protection.


  1. Ultra App Lock

For the all-round protection, the Ultra app lock is there for you, which is developed by ABXZ Inc.

Now, it is time for you to guard the apps with locking options like password, pattern, and famous fingerprint. This makes your work easier and convenient to run the app. You can lock various apps which are there on your phone. Once you lock them, it will provide total protection to all your photos, notes, calls, settings, and a lot more.

Numerous lock options such as password, pattern-lock, and a fingerprint option is also there. One of the finest features which are available in fewer apps. It can give alerts and a photo of the person who fails with an attempt such as the wrong password or pattern. Moreover, it also sends the error report at the same time so that you check later on.

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It comes with lots of features like cleaning unnecessary cache or obsolete files and also erase the previous traces. Moreover, it will save your battery with fast loading and optimizing the performance. Besides, a feature is there which changes with the app lock icon to a calculator.

For extra safety benefit, it uses invisible patterns, which means no one will able to see the pattern you make.


  1. Lockit

This is another free lock app called Lockit, which promises to guard the privacy of your phone. Lockit has a remarkable number of features that you love to use.

After using the Lockit app, no one in your friends and the family list will be to trace your private information. It provides you the required protection and utmost privacy to your phone. You can lock it with options like pin, fingerprint, and passwords.

Two types of the vault you get one are Photo Vault, and the other one is Video Vault. These features basically hide your photos and videos from getting viewed.

Moreover, it also takes a photo of the intruder if he/she fails to open the unlock the app. You can also be able to place fake cover to prevent your password from breaking it. A lot of themes are there which you can set as per your need and choice.

You will be able to lock any app you want like Facebook, Gallery, System app, or any other. The size of the app is small, which makes it run faster and save up your memory.


  1. App Lock by BGNmobi

App Lock by BGNmobi is a pretty much-enhanced app in the list of best lock apps.

Many of the apps match the features of the same category. To proceed with lock options, you get three styles, such as fingerprint, password, and pattern-based security.

This is a very common feature from all apps that it can lock apps from system, games, banking, social media, and even more. It does your work without any trouble as it a simple user-based lock app.

With this app lock, you don’t need to worry about friends and family circles who often use your phone for some reason. You can choose different colors and themes as per your choice. Moreover, it won’t drain your battery power and either slow down your mobile phone.


  1. App Lock by Spsoft

One of the best options for an app lock is called App Lock or App Protector by Spsoft. Earlier it was with a different name Smart Applock. A handy application with decent features installed and does the work of protection.

It can keep an eye on intruders who try to open, and if they fail, their image is being saved and also hide the app with a fake error window.

You can lock the apps easily that is necessary for you like social media, gallery, or any system app you want. It can even block the notifications of the locked app.

Besides, you can scale the size of the desired pattern with 18*18 instead of the old 3*3. Also, you can end up with different passwords for every app you want.

The list of features is long for this app lock. You should definitely try it on your phone once! There is no language barrier for any country-specific people because it offers with 31 languages.

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