Best Free Music Download Sites You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are searching for the best free music sites, you are surely in the right place.

Nowadays, people pay monthly subscriptions for music like Spotify, Amazon Music, and more on the list. Although to avail of extra features, you need to have a premium plan.( Read also : Job Searcher’s Guide to Online Job Sites )

But it would be helpful if you thought, Do I really need to pay for music or not?

There are many music streaming sites where you get both the options to stream and download for free. However, not every site offers legal music, so in that case, you need the best music sites free from any issues. And if your priority is to have the music for personal or professional use, you should always give credit to the artist who has done all the hard work.( Read also : 24 Alternative Websites Like HDOnline )

Moreover, you can download any artist’s song in high-quality mp3 and play it offline later on. To fulfill your needs by downloading music, you need free platforms that give royalty-free music. And to make this happen, we have gathered all the best possible free music downloading sites that offer various mediums of songs.

So, let’s get started and explore the best free music sites.

  1. SoundCloud
  2. Youtube
  3. Jamendo
  4. SoundClick
  5. NoiseTrade
  6. Free Music Archive
  8. Datpiff
  9. Musopen
  10. Amazon Music Store

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the free platform for music that offers unlimited songs. Its collection of songs is huge, and that’s why it is one of the largest audio music libraries. Moreover, we can say that it’s a superb alternative for Spotify. SoundCloud was originally developed for artists who can collaborate and share their music with the whole world. Any artist can make their fanbase following right from there without any promotions, which is a big advantage for new creators or artists.

It offers songs from various amateur and popular artists to listen to and subscribe to the track. In case you need to search for any artist, you can visit the search bar and put your artist’s tag, and after that, you will see the results accordingly.

To download songs from SoundCloud, you need not pay anything as it’s a free platform for anyone. As artists are welcomed to make their own tracks, they only can make a track for free download. To download any songs from SoundCloud, you need to sign up and make your account right there. Lastly, open any song and check for more options and see if the download option is available or not. If it is available, then you can directly download it on your device. However, remember that not all the songs are free to download. Jonathon Spire has this guide for buying SoundCloud plays.

  • Huge songs collection from both independent and famous singers.
  • Easy to use and awesome user experience.
  • You can follow any artist and support them.
  • Songs can be downloaded for free in many formats.
  • The uploading time of tracks is limited. For extra time, you will be charged.
  • You don’t get the option to download on Soundcloud mobile or iOS app. However, Soundcloud Go+ members can save artist songs for offline playing.

2. Youtube

You all know about Youtube, the greatest platform for video creators who can upload videos by creating a niche-based channel. As it is a platform for videos, music videos are also uploaded in huge numbers, and people can also download them.

You cannot download all the songs for free, as all the hard work lies in the creator portfolio. Not to worry, by using the “Creative Commons” Filter, you can search any song and download them legally. This is the right way to download songs from youtube without any restrictions imposed. In addition to this, you can also download lots of songs from the Audio Library by going to Creators Studio, which is absolutely free.

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Many license terms are there in some of the CC audio tracks, but you can use them by giving credit to the real creator. Moreover, you might have followed some of the youtube channels who create mashups and remix of songs, and they also give you the download links in their description, which you can download with legal use on any platform.

  • A high standard platform for everyone with no charges.
  • HD quality music for free.
  • You can use it on any device you like.
  • Every day lots of tracks are uploaded worldwide.
  • Ads are available, which may annoy you.

3. Jamendo

Next, we have Jamendo on the list of Best Free Music Download Sites. It’s a large fan-based music community in Luxembourg where the independent artist put their songs. The best part about Jamendo is that it surpasses the Creative Commons, which means you can download as many songs you want with a legal permit.

As it is an indie-community where users can support their best independent artists and famous them through worldwide reach. NPO licenses the Jamendo tracks, so it’s safe and free to download. Moreover, you can share it over social media to maximize the reach.

To search for any music, you can go with two genres that are curated playlists or radio-based stations. More than 600,000 songs are now by the year 2020, making it one of the best open-source websites for music.

  • A large audio collection from indie artists.
  • It comes in six languages to offer music.
  • Easy interface and free to download without any issue.
  • Takes 15 seconds for playing any track on the line.
  • You cannot customize anything as per your wish.

 4. SoundClick

It’s an old platform since 1997 where one can do lots of things like download music, sell songs, grant license to anyone for music, and yes, you can also stream the music. It mainly a platform just like SoundCloud, where you get amateur artists who hold of uploading songs. The major genre which SoundClick offers is Jazz, Hip-Hop, and much more.

To get songs for free, you need to check which artists are offering their label music for free downloads. Many artists sell their songs, and if you wish to buy one of them, you can do it easily by paying a small amount. And yes, the songs you download fall in the legal way of downloading, so you don’t have to worry about it. Moreover, you can download songs in 160-320 kbps for a high-quality experience with a perfect aural environment to add to this.

SoundClick is pumped with tons of features which you are surely gonna like. You get to make your own profile and connect with great artists and even to listeners. Many people like to create their own shuffled playlists, so it’s your choice to make a separate one for yourself or follow others. To show love, you can write a blog post by adding a song to your post and share with others. You also get a fair chance for supporting out the best artists.

  • You get access to a bunch of music from different genres.
  • Free to download songs with few steps.
  • Navigation and user experience is easy with a friendly layout.
  • You don’t get so many tracks from the hip-hop era.

5. NoiseTrade

Another platform to download songs for free of great artists from around the world. NoiseTrade is a big platform that is more like a social network that offers music, books, and comedy.

Here, artists and labels can connect with their fans directly by exchanging emails and postal codes. Moreover, if you like to join the community, you can sign up and be a part of NoiseTrade’s massive fans and discover many artists you are unaware of.

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You can give your favorite artists a tip to highlight their work appreciation to show some generous kind. The people who are into downloading music can make a free fan account and download songs you like with 2-3 clicks. Also, they have a mobile app that lets you feel the same as of desktop feeling with no redo. To share your profile and book listings, NoiseTrade allows you to create your own personalized profile URL that you can share among your friends and family circle.

  • Easy to download songs with just email sharing.
  • A big platform for music and book lovers.
  • It saves your song history to keep a track record.
  • Again, music varieties you don’t get in large.

6. Free Music Archive

As by name, you must have grasped that’s it a free platform where you can acquire free music. FMA was back launched in 2009 by WFMU. It offers an ample amount of songs that you can download without any worry of copyright as it is legal by them to download. It is more like Radio-Stations where you get songs to listen to.

People who are also keen to create music can do such things on FMA, where you can curate your personal area of music or upload if you some music owned by you.

It’s an open world for independent artists who love to share their music on FMA. Moreover, if you are likely to support any artist’s work, you can surely purchase their songs or albums directly from their profile. Lastly, if you need to search for any specific genre song, you are free to do it. At the same time, you can also stream it and download it.

  • You can download songs without signing up directly.
  • Free music with legal approval. However, you can search for any song with a license part.
  • You can also curate playlists on your own.
  • A long list of songs from independent artists.
  • There is not much latest music you will see.


This website is one of the best free music sites for downloading music. Earlier, it was an internet radio station, but now it has gone to the next level by recommending music to everyone.

Basically, it collects data from numerous media players and sites to synchronize a well-customized profile based on the user’s taste or history. It has got much free music to download, but unfortunately, the list is not as big as you have expected.

To download free music, you need to head over to this section of the website and remember you don’t have to register yourself to proceed with downloading free music.

  • Free collection of songs to download.
  • High-quality tracks are available.
  • In every genre, there is less music available.
  • The free music list is minimal.

8. DatPiff

Do you like rap music? If yes, then DatPiff is there for you with lots of music that you can download for free. DatPiff is based on mixtapes where many artists allow and give you open permission to download them for free.

Many artists include famous rappers from the world-famous hip-hop community like Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Lil Wayne, etc. Apart from these mixtapes, you also get to download newly made tapes, view release schedules, fan-made compilation albums, and a lot.

It also has a huge fan base of the hip-hop community where you see top quality music with extensive creativity. Many rappers do instrumental freestyle rapping to showcase their art form, which fans love to listen to. In this way, you get a large package of rap songs from popular artists.

9. Musopen

It’s an online Non-Profit music platform which is located in California. The main motto behind Musopen is to provide free music to everyone legally means without any copyright issues.

You get here types of music, i.e., royalty-free, sheet music, public domain music offered by Musopen. The public domain consists of classical kinds of music by some great composers like Chopin, Wagner, Beethoven, etc.

To download any of the music for free of cost, you need to have an account to proceed further. Once you made the account, you are eligible to download 5 songs per day with standard quality. Also, if you want unlimited songs to download, then you can pay $55 per year. In a paid plan, you get access to all premium features like high-quality music, no limits on downloading, HD radio, and early access to songs before others.

  • Free downloading of music with no copyrights issue.
  • You also get access to classical music.
  • You cannot more than 5 songs per day. (free version)
  • Also, you need to sign up before you download music.

10. Amazon Music Store (Free)

Who doesn’t know about Amazon? But do you know that it also provides free music to users from its music store? Yes, you heard it right.

Note: I am not talking about Amazon Prime Music.

So, Amazon has a store that gives digital products such as games, music, books, and apps. To download the songs, you need to head over to the store and check for songs with the download button. You will see Free written on each button, which means you can download those for free of cost. Once you click on the button, it will automatically get added to your library and download it directly from there.

It has more than 46,000+  free songs on Amazon Music Store Repository. One advantage you initially get with Amazon is that you can search by categorization of various genre Rock, Blues, Broadway, Dance & Electronic, Folk, Hard Rock & Metal, etc.

  • A long list of songs to download for free.
  • Categorization is made easy for downloading various genres.
  • Anyone having an Amazon account can download those songs.
  • You don’t get the latest songs.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How to download free music from these websites?

To download from these free music websites, you need to visit the site and check the music, which is tagged with free download options. The sites which I mentioned above are a well-known source for free downloading with no copyright issues. You can trust them, and if you are still confused about any license, you can read their license on official websites.

How To convert video music into an audio file?

It’s pretty simple to convert with online tools. Just search for a query, and you will get ample results. These tools take the source path of online video and convert it into the desired audio mp3 file. Also, you can convert offline music videos to audio files.

What websites can I download music for free?

There are many websites from which you can download free songs. Here in this article, I have included the Best Free Music Download Sites you can refer to. Moreover, I have included the pros and cons of these sites for better choices.

Is downloading free music illegal?

It depends. Many websites offer a free download of music without any copyright issues. If that’s the case, then you can go ahead with downloading. At the same time, if you download free music with copyright issues, you can be in trouble legally.

Is it illegal to download music from Spotify?

Yes, it is illegal, and you should not do this.  If you are owning a premium account and downloading songs for your personal listening within the app, then it’s fine. But it becomes illegal when you download the music to use it outside of Spotify.

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