11 Best Music Apps Without WiFi (Android/iOS)

Best Music Apps Without WiFi

Listening to music gives us the most soothing effect on our minds. It is one of the personal hobbies of everyone to listen music while doing any sort of activity like writing, playing, exercising, cooking, and traveling.

In our leisure time, we all love to play songs on our phone with just a tap on the music app. Earlier, an internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection was most important to run your music apps, but you don’t need one. This is because I am here with the best free music apps which work without Wi-Fi connectivity.

There are many streaming music apps on the internet, which allows you to play your favorite songs. You can explore many songs from every genre like rock, jazz, EDMs, disco, classic, and much more. So, this article is all about the best music without Wi-Fi apps.

Which is the best offline music app for Android?

There can be a lot of answers to this particular question. A lot of people reviews would be needed because every person loves some or other songs which he likes.

There are lots of offline music apps available in the market where you get free services, or also you can buy the monthly and yearly basis subscription. Also, most of the apps are now multi-platform based, i.e., for Android and iOS both.

However, I will list down the popular apps that are worldwide supported and have millions of songs. You can use any of the apps as per your convenience and user-interface.

How can one listen to music for free without Wi-Fi?

As I said, various applications offer music for free, both old and new songs. However, the numbers of application contain ads which pop up around the app, which may irritate you. But, you can’t do anything for free unless and until you have paid a subscription for the app.

Don’t be tensed…

So, to download without a Wi-Fi connection, you have to buy a premium subscription. After that, you can download as many songs as you like and keep in your own made playlist, or otherwise, it will show you in the download section. This is the only method one can download and store the songs in your app. Now, whenever you are out of your home for trips like hiking or picnic, you won’t need any internet connection. Just go to the download menu and check the songs you downloaded.

But remember, don’t uninstall the app otherwise, you may lose the songs which you have downloaded.

In this way, you can save your data and do offline stream for free. Now, you can also play the songs without any lag or due to poor connection. So, there are lots of advantages you are getting without the internet. And whenever you feel like missing songs, connect your phone with Wi-Fi and download the songs, and later on, you can stream it offline.

Here is the list of 11 best offline music apps –

  • Spotify
  • Google Play Music
  • Gaana
  • SoundCloud
  • Apple Music
  • Wynk Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Deezer
  • Evermusic
  • JioSaavn
  • Pandora

1. Spotify

When it comes to online and offline music, the very first app is Spotify. You have to admit that Spotify is one of the largest music apps in the world. The platform is best for streaming songs offline with ease. You will find a lot of songs from various genres and the best artists and professional singers. Moreover, you may search for any music you like using the search button and get the required song. Also, creating a playlist is easy where you can name it and keep track of songs there. There are no restrictions for playlists you may create ample of it and save or delete it.

Every day new songs are added, so you also don’t have to worry about the latest themes from the world corner. You can download and install it on various devices like Android, iOS, tablet, Windows PC, Chromecast, and even on Playstation. For offline, you need to pay 9.99$ from your pocket to experience advanced features. After that, you can download songs and play them without ads.

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2. Google Play Music

It is one of the highly-rated music apps in the world as it is by Google itself, which is a big company offering lots of services for both free and paid. Google Play Music can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store to enjoy songs on an unlimited basis. It is also famous for radio-based station songs, in which you listen easily with any mood, and it also allows the users to set their own radio-based station.

The app also has a feature of uploading 50,000 songs owned by you, and you can set them on Android, iOS devices for free of cost. In this way, you can do the promotion of your songs for free.

To play and enjoy songs offline, one has to pay the bill for the subscription. On this app, you get on-demand songs, and it has a vast collection from every genre. Moreover, to cost down your subscription, you may take a family plan for six users. It also provides you youtube music premium where you can enjoy youtube music for free without any ads. So, download the songs of your choice and mood and play without having any internet connection.

Nowadays, people love to hear podcasts on different topics and follow their artists on such apps. So, you can also subscribe to podcasts available on Google Play Music. When you listen to a particular song, we may miss some of the songs, but here you get smart recommendations on your history playback.

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3. Gaana

Gaana is an Indian app known for it’s commercial and worldwide music. You will find various artists from all the world regions, but most of them are Indian artists. It is one of the best apps for Indian users who love to hear Bollywood, English, Tamil, Telegu, or any regional songs.

It has millions of songs right from every language like Punjabi to devotional. Anyone who loves to listen to old classical by great 90’s singers should indeed check their playlists. You get a lot of charts on the latest and old mix from various mixed singers. A new feature has been added called hotshots for short videos, and you can also read the latest news by going into the Buzz section.

However, remember to enjoy the free listening of songs, you have to buy the Gaana Plus, then only you can enjoy songs without any online connection. It also has a podcast from various industries. With Gaana Plus, you will be able to listen to music without any ads, which is a significant relief for users.

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4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is again a free app that lets you stream and with the advantage of uploading your own songs for popularisation. It’s is the best community that is available worldwide for discovering music.

You can comment and repost the songs to support various artists who are on the community. Moreover, you can connect with artists and listeners and support them for their futuristic music in real-time. It is the only app where you will find community-based music lovers and artists.

It comes with diverse catalog content to get the viewer’s fantastic music experience to roll over. Works both offline and online, but to go for offline music, you need to have the SoundCloud Go+. Once you have a premium account, then you can play your favorite songs anywhere you go. Besides, no ads will display to disturb you while streaming.

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5. Apple Music

Here is another contender on the list by Apple company, one of the big companies after Google. The app contains a bunch of music playlists and songs which you will enjoy to listen.

People who have apple phones and tablets can directly access as it comes with the standard pre-installed app. But for Android users, you need to download from the play store.

The music library is vast, and you can find your favorite songs from different catalogs. It also offers time-synced lyrics while you play online but with offline obviously. The cost for Android users is 9.99$ monthly to open the premium features and to take your music mood offline.

If you want to share your playlists with your friends, you can also make a profile and share it with them. It also permits to stream via Chromecast to some other devices.

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6. Wynk Music

So, this is a free app without any payment for users of Airtel sim. Wynk Music is one of the best apps for Indian users who love especially Bollywood songs. It does not mean that there are no other songs than Bollywood. Of course, you will be getting international hits, Hip-Hop, Parties, EDM, and many more genre of your choice.

As in India, there are many languages spoken in different states, so there is no language barrier because it offers songs from various languages.

It is available on Android and iOS devices where users can tap and get started with offline and online music. As I already told you, Airtel sim users can take advantage of premium features at no extra cost.

People love put their favorites as Hello tunes, which you can do easily with the Wynk app. Moreover, you get many recommendations based songs on your mood, and also you can set them in your playlists. Also, you will get rid of pop up ads on the app with a premium app.

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7. Amazon Music

It is one of the biggest apps in the world right now, which offers enormous songs list from every genre. Amazon is a big company like Google and Apple, and it also provides various entertainment services to its viewers and customers. Although you use the app offline, you need to have the prime music access.

One of the best parts of Amazon Music is that you don’t need to pay additional for the app because you need to take a Prime Membership of Amazon, where you are benefitted with extra credits. Benefits like fast delivery of goods when you purchase, Prime Video and Prime Music, and of course, various offers for prime and exclusive members. So, in this way, a lot of advantages you can take with Prime Music.

Now, the question comes, will I be able to play music without Wi-Fi.

You can download and play songs with prime music by downloading the Amazon music app from the play store. With the Prime option, there will be no sticky ads to disturb you, and you can freely stream it for free and save data.

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8. Deezer

When it comes to select apps based on user-interface, I go with Deezer. A unique interface from all other music apps and work similarly as offline and online.

It offers more than 50+ millions of tracks, which you never deny listening to or keeping your playlists. So, Deezer will be a perfect companion for you wherever you go to any place. People can also get started with podcasts, which is a new trend in music apps.

I feel this is an excellent alternative to Amazon Music, which I discussed above. Now, you can discover your song’s choices and store them in your favorite or playlists. Moreover, premium options are available with paid subscriptions like no ads, offline music, no lags, high-quality music at 320 kbps, and much more to offer.

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If you have devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or any other device, you can connect with them and make your mood perfect. Lastly, there are also radio based stations to connect with different songs.

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9. Evermusic

Next, we have the Evermusic app, which is only for Apple devices, and you can download the same from Appstore. When you are at home and want to enjoy every bit, then the Evermusic app is there for you to make a twist around your brain.

For maneuvering your music collection, it fits right for users and can soothe your mind and make you feel relax. It is equipped with buffering technology, making sure that won’t buffer while you hang out with the music stream. Moreover, you can plat it offline by downloading the required music in your playlist or as a personal favorite so that you can play it offline with no internet connection.

It has got ample of features like playing songs in the car, equalizing with preset music modules, automatic synchronization, playing songs continuously, and a lot more in the list. You can even make use of cloud services to upload and store music owned by you and keep it safe.

Many times we don’t get the song we want, so for that, you need to use the advanced search button and get the results from there. An impressive app with features to enjoy and stream for Apple users.

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10. Jio Saavan

Again we have an Indian App which collaborated with another music app called Saavan and together called JioSaavn.

You will fall in love with the defined user-interface of the app with the most curated playing list of songs. Songs of every genre like DJ, Bhakti, Classical, Modern, Bollywood, Hollywood, Rap, Regional, and much more can be searched.

When you launch the app for the first time, it asks you to confirm your language to discover and give the best recommendations. The design you will find modern and attractive to use. A special offer to Jio Sim users that they get 30 days JioSaavn Pro for free, and later on, they can buy the same.

To get started with offline music, one has to buy the Pro feature. Using the Pro, you can download as many songs with ease and store them in your checklist made by you. Once the songs are downloaded, it will be a permanent partner of yours, and you can play it offline.

The quality you will get high enough and the best one, i.e., 320 kbps with no advertisements. With Pro, you also get to know about special events and shows at special offers and deals.

As it is an Indian App, Jio users can also take benefit of Jio Tunes to set their caller tune by requesting their song to the operator.

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11. Pandora

So, we have the final app called Pandora in the list of best music apps without Wi-Fi. The app is known for it’s large based stations and Podcasts. You can match every taste of your music with this app by experiencing personalized streaming.

Pandora app has an Alarm Clock feature, which reminds your music timings set by you. Although you won’t find an extensive collection of songs as I said, it mainly a station based streaming app, but you can also create playlists for yourself. There is a total of six modes enabled on Pandora to feel the real experience of various artists.

For making it available offline, you have to buy the Pandora Premium to unlock all the features like ad-free, offline downloads, unlimited skips, HQ sound, and more.

There are two types of subscriptions available one is Pandora Plus, and another one is Pandora Premium. The charges are 4.99$ and 9.99$, respectively, every month.

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