10 Best Recording Apps For Android Screen

Best Recording Apps For Android Screen

The query for how to record the android screen is frequently revolving among the users of Android OS. Over a few years, Android has come up with many significant changes and updates. Many new features were added a few months ago in Android X, but the screen recorder was not counted. However, it is the news that with Android 11, you will get to see the in-built screen recorder option.

But, the real fact is users love to use third-party apps that are available on Google Play Store. The reason for this as these apps are specially made for screen recording work and have lots of features that attract user’s attention. Mostly users need the app to record their mobile for various things like gameplay recording and video recording from social media apps or websites.

So, this article is all bout the best screen recording apps which you can download from the play store. Precisely, all the apps available on the play store are worthy, but still many useful apps are there to look for.

Here, you will get a list of the top 10 best screen recording apps which you can download for free as well with a paid subscription. The choice is yours!

What is exactly a Screen Recorder app?

It’s a straightforward, user-friendly application that records your screen while doing your work on any app. The app will capture anything that you want to register, and you can set timing as well.(Read also : Best Game Hacker Apps for Android That You Cannot Miss).

Thus, it is very much useful to make videos that you can, later on, edit it and share it with your friends or colleagues. Moreover, it allows you with features like recording with high audio and video quality with a reasonable frame per second. (FPS)

What’s the best screen recording app for Android?

Well, to question this. It would be best if you go through the article completely. There are many decent Android screen recording apps which you use for your personal or professional work.

They make your job easier with smooth features, which is easy to use. Also, there are plenty of apps which offer video editing feature at the same time so that you don’t have to take the video to edit with any software.

However, after spending so many hours and testing, we have some best recommendations you will love to try.

Are Screen Recorder Apps Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use but make sure you read a review before that. As apps on the play store are secured enough and right to use, you should still check them thoroughly.

Unlike, a famous screen recorder called DU Recorder was removed from google play store. The reason behind this as it was spying your data and apparently being Adware. However, it was an excellent app for recording purposes, but privacy is more important. You don’t have to be sad for DU as there are many excellent alternatives available.

Are privacy and confidentiality is your concern? See some of the best app locks for your android phone.

Here is the list of 10 Best Screen Recorders with exciting features.

  • Mobizen Screen Recorder
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Super Screen Recorder
  • Google Play Games
  • Screen Recorder – No Ads
  • ADV Screen Recorder
  • Apowersoft Screen Recorder
  • REC – Screen Recorder
  • Capture Recorder Mobi Screen Recorder Video Editor
  • V Recorder Editor
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1. Mobizen Screen Recorder

The reason for putting Mobizen on number one is behind its features. It is one of the best screen recorder android apps which you can download from the play store. Moreover, it comes in the list of editor’s choices, which is a big thing.

It’s a simple, user-friendly app with excellent features and lets you edit, record, and capture. A new user can also make videos easily with it without any experience.

Mobizen is a fast screen recording app that lets you record in full HD quality. You will able to record in 1080p resolution with 12 Mbps quality as well as with 60 FPS. If you are a user who plays video games, then it can be very much helpful in recording game sound. Moreover, there is no barrier to recording long videos as it also saves your memory.

The features are exciting to use as you can trim, cut, and edit the image simultaneously. This method helps enhance the video quality too.

Check on Play Store

2. AZ Screen Recorder

This is one of my favorite screen record app, which I frequently use. It is a high-quality recorder, which makes your work more comfortable with just one tap. Also, it is featured on the Play Store with excellent ratings.

A bag of features comes with AZ Screen Recorder. You can record videos such as video calls, tutorials, live shows, and also from any platform where you cannot download. Features like screen capture, video editor, and even live tv screen is present.

In addition to this, it allows you to record in the format of 1080p, 12 Mbps, and 60 fps. For gamers who do a live stream with commentary can use by adding a front-facing camera—no watermarks, no recording limit, and of course, no need to root your device.

Although it is a free app but if you want to use the pro version, then you need to pay 2.99$. Really, it is more than a screen recorder with many features.

Check on Play Store

3. Super Screen Recorder

It is one of the most desirable screen recorders which professionally does the job. For a quick change, editing, and recording things, you indeed love to have this app. You don’t have to spend a single penny from your pocket as it a free application. It is a user-friendly app with defined features that you will love to download.

You can do the recording in HD Quality in 2k,12mbps, and in 60 fps module. Also, you can increase or decrease the resolution and frame rates as per your choice.

To make your recording awesome, you can use the video editor. By using it, you will be able to trim, cut, merge and remove any clip of the video. For the gamers, the facecam recorder is a helpful feature through which you can do live reaction while recording. One of the coolest features is that now you can turn your favorite part from video into a GIF, which is nowadays popular. Besides, you get a brush tool from which you can draw any symbol or mark while recording.

Check on Play Store

4. Google Play Games

It is one of the most downloadable apps on the play store offered by Google itself. Although it is famous for games, you will be surprised to know that it also does screen recording. But the main drawback of Google Play Games – it is mostly for gamers as it as a gaming app.

So, if you are into gaming, only then you can use it. You can record screen your gameplay and share it at the same time with your friends. Moreover, you get video quality from 480p to 720p. Once you launch any game, you will you can start recording. However, I recommend only gamers, but you are not into gaming, then check other apps.

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Check on Play Store

5. Screen Recorder – No Ads

Next, we have the Screen Recorder with no ads by Kimcy929. It’s a new app in the list of best screen recording apps and gained immense popularity and ratings in less time. It comes with a user-friendly and straightforward interface to record screen and capture screenshots.

Moreover, it is a multi-lingual app that supports various languages. It can record with facecam both back and front, and if you want to change, just double-tap the screen to make a preview. By using the simple magic button, you may quickly check out the record time, pause, and stop.

For gamers, the internal sound of games can be made with phones which have Android 10. If you are an editor who does short video editing, then it is conducive. You can even make notes and insert logos at the same time to create a beautiful video. It allows you to switch between day and night themes.

Check on Play Store

6. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is a free app that you can use without rooting. It is a fully-fledged app that records anything with ease. Also, there are no restrictions while you record anything. Now, you can take a short video and edit right there to make cool videos.

It comes with two recording manuals such as default and advanced, and to pause your recording, you can use the advanced engine.

Using this app, you are verified to use both front and back cameras to record the screen. This is a common feature which most of the top screen recording apps allow. It also doesn’t put a watermark, which is a plus point for users. Moreover, you set text and customize it in your way to showcase the video title you edit—one of the hidden features of the ADV screen recorder that it can record internal audio. The app is free to use, but it comes with ads.

Check on Play Store

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

It is also a free app that allows you to record anything without any difficulty. The Apowersoft Screen Recorder is developed by Apowersoft Ltd., which also offers other apps which you may check on play store.

You can record in HD quality in resolutions like 360p,720p, and 1080p. The quality is maintained as it runs with 60 FPS and with 12 Mbps bit rate. Moreover, to enhance your video work, it also offers aspect ratio, opacity, and size.

Most gamers use the internal audio recording feature, which you can find here, to make commentary like videos. In addition to this, it also allows you to add front camera recording in which you can show your face with gameplay. Often people love to share the video on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more. To share the recorded videos among your family and friends, you can do it via other apps.

Moreover, it comes with other features like you can overlay icon to pause, play, or stop recording. Simultaneously, you are eligible to increase and decrease opacity and use shortcuts for easy control. In case if you want to cut any part of the video, then you can use an in-built trimmer.

To make it a more advanced version, it also offers other features like a casting screen, recording preferences, countdown, and privacy protection.

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8. REC – Screen Recorder

Here is another app called Rec Screen Recorder, which doesn’t require any rooting and can do a remarkable recording with its features. It is majorly known for its quality screen recording. Like it can record videos in UHD, FHD, HD, and also with powerful audio using a microphone.

It can do individual recordings like video calls, games, tutorials, shows, and even record video player.

The user-interface of this app is intuitive and straightforward, which increases its capabilities to enhance. The screen in which the app records come with optimized performance for the best capture.

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When you completed your work of editing, you can directly store it on your internal memory or either in an external SD card. And if you want to share it with someone, you can do it using social media apps or email. People who are into video uploading can upload to platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Youtube, etc. To make it worldwide available, it offers in more than 30 languages. You don’t have to open the app every time as you can use the float buttons with a notification bar.

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9. Capture Recorder Mobi Screen Recorder Video Editor

One of the most stable screen recorder apps lets you do a lot of things. Capture Recorder is best for video editing, recording gameplays, putting filters, editing music videos, or capturing screenshots. You don’t have to root the device to use it. Features like facecam or doodle make your video recording easy and convenient. The app interface is quite simple with fluid design so that the user can work smoothly. Within just one tap, you can record by using the notification panel, and also there is no limit for recording.

Taking screenshots, adding subtitles, recording with facecam put an effect on your video, which you edit to make it more memorable. To make video run efficiently, you can record it with 60 FPS in 1080p resolution. Moreover, the video can be converted to Mp3 from Mp4.

For making a special video with lots of effects, Capture Recorder can be a professional way. You can add multiple pieces of music with do your voice over it. Simontaeosly, you may able to blur the video for extra effect. If you don’t need files in big size, then you use the compression mode to resize the video. People who love to put GIFs while creating videos can arrange such things easily.

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10. V Recorder Editor

This is the last recommendation screen recorder app from my side—one of the famous app which performs multiple tasks at the same time. It can be said as an all-in-one app for doing screen recording tasks. The V-Recorder can record videos at high speed with 60FPS. The video quality is in HD with 1440p resolution and also with 12 Mbps bit rate. Various features are embedded like stable screen recording, changing the aspect ratio, one-touch, changing the layout in portrait or landscape mode.

It is a user-friendly application that easily lets you record games, live shows, tutorials, screenshots, and recording calls. To give a new look, you may use trendy filters to make your videos smooth naturally. People who make comedy videos can take the help of various emojis and edit the footage with funny short clips. This is a helpful feature as it saves a lot of time, and you don’t have to rush to any specific video editor app. If you are a moody person, then you can add songs and various characters too.

Memes are nowadays widespread in various streams, and people love to share within their circle. Using the video editor, you can create the same and share it with your friends and family. Sometimes many people miss the sports event in that you can see the recording of others who share such kinds of stuff.

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Is screen recording dangerous?

No, screen recording is a simple task which anyone can do with just one tap. However, to need to be careful from malware apps and spammy websites. You should not download any such apps which have malicious programs and viruses. The apps I listed are the best screen recording apps and all the security proven, which you can download from Google Play Store.

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