10 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch? If it is so, then make your watch a super one with a wide array of styles. Samsung Galaxy wearables are powerful build with awesome matrics to showcase the real features. But, to make the most out of it, your watch should have some good apps installed on it for the best exposure. So, to help with installing applications, we have listed the top Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps. The apps mentioned are not available on Google Play Store, so you need to checkout on Samsung Galaxy Watch Store.

Here are Top Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps

1. Uber

Booking a ride becomes easy and sustainable with the Uber app, which you can have on your Samsung watch. It acts as a companion that your watch needs and helps you in all possible ways. To connect with it, open the app and set your desired location to get the route and its information related to it.

When you see the screen size, it’s not very much big, but you can drag the map to highlight the pickup spot and choosing it afterward. In addition to this, you can also zoom in and zoom out for a clear reference point and wait for the ride.( Read also : Best Game Hacker Apps for Android That You Cannot Miss )

2. Facer

By the name itself, you can judge what the app is all about. Facer is an awesome app for adding styles and watch faces that you can apply on the screen. The app comes with free and premium options, including a huge collection of faces that you find in a single place. Moreover, you are also getting faces according to the mood section, which is one of my favorites.

People who follow brands have options to select faces from best brands like Star Trek, Garfield, Ghostbusters, American Dad, and even more. These all designs are original ones that are created by real artists beautifully and dynamically for Samsung Gear.

Surprisingly, they offer to create your own watch faces, which you can surely try. You can create these on web-based editors that are loaded with so many options. – Facer

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Now, to set a watch face, you have to download the app and install it. Once it gets installed, then do a long press on the home screen, which will open a list of pre-installed faces. Lastly, swipe it left or right to check the different watch faces and select the one you like. ( Read also : 11 Best Music Apps Without WiFi (Android/iOS) )

3. Spotify

One of the largest and popular apps which have a tremendous music library. Spotify is the app that you are never gonna miss if you are a music lover. It is available for Samsung Gear Sport, S2 & S3, which you run on Android and iOS devices.

The users can stream music very easily without touching the phone in your pocket. You can browse, play, pause, skip, and save your music to the desired library directly. Spotify Premium users can do more things streaming over Wi-Fi, playing music offline, Bluetooth support, getting rids of ads, and even do voice search. All these premium options can make your music experience to the next level with just a tap of a button.

One fruitful gift you get with the Samsung Gear Wearable that the first six months are absolutely free means you can enjoy all the premium features. The reason behind getting this for free because of the Samsung and Spotify tie-up.

If you are thinking of any music app recommendations, my first and last choice for you will be Spotify for sure. Now, tune-up with your favorite songs and have a music thrill life all along.

4.Voice Recorder

Typing can be a tedious job for you on SmartWatch like Samsung. So, to take advantage, you can use the Voice Recorder app, which will record your every small note with its in-built mic option. Moreover, the recorded memos on your Galaxy Watch can be converted into text, and the record can also be copied to an Android device. Make sure you give the storage and microphone permission before you record anything.

To use the Gear Voice Memo, download the application, and install it further. Now tap on the screen to start your recording, and when you are finished with it, you can check the quality at the same time. There is limitation recording like the per note you can record up to 6 minutes and send the audio file to your mobile later.

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5. HERE WeGo

The simplest way to navigate anywhere is by using the HERE WeGo app on Samsung watch. Yet it is not the best overall like Google Maps, but as it is not available on Galaxy Store, we are covering the next best alternative.

The app works on GPS, which comes within the app, so you don’t need to use the phone GPS. You can save and store several maps so that you don’t need an internet connection and navigate offline next time. Moreover, you can make use of the S-Voice feature to pick your destination hand free.

HERE WeGo is a much interactive app with ample features stored in it. It shows you the map in an interactive mode designed to match your smartwatch. Point by point, it gives you proper guidance for walking, riding, driving, and also public transport directions. You can also manage to see how far you have walked, and the number of steps stays on your route. Overall, the app is embedded with various features which have enough reasons to be install.

6. Calculator

One of the beneficial tools that everyone needs no matter which device it can be PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, and now, of course, on Smart Watches like Samsung Galaxy. You can still count this as a handy utility that serves the work of calculation right from your wrist.

One can perform many activities like quick math addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, making your bills crosscheck, preparing your budget, or any other work. Using a calculator right from your wrist will save your time as you don’t need to look out for your phone all the time.

7. Strava

For the more fitness-conscious people, Strava can be a good application for all your health rewards. It gives you the perfect analysis of your workouts, which you care about, like cycling, walking, running, and much more.

Athletes can measure their run time distance, average pace, elevation, etc. to analyze their pros and cons. Later from the analysis, you can set your target and achieve accordingly. You can share your results and workout on any other platforms and makeup challenges for your friends for extra motivation and confidence.  For connecting with other people, you can follow them and share your results with what you achieved.

8. Sleep as Android

The Galaxy smartwatch is itself have sleep tracking mode, but that’s enough, and you surely need a smart app which Sleep as Android provides. It gives you the analysis of your actual sleeping pattern, which you want to check and analyze for sure.

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When we talk about the tracking of your sleep behavior, it does the work effortlessly. Using smart alarms which also you can connect with any offline or online songs. Moreover, it has got snoring detection, and at the same time, you can record it.

To get started with Sleep as Android, go to smartwatch tracking settings, then sleep tracking option, and finally enable the use smartwatch option. As the app is connected to your mobile phone, it will automatically get started on the phone if you launch on watch and vice versa. However, the movement is only captured on the watch instead of the phone.

The people who are into snooze sleep mode get CAPTCHA, which you need to solve as you wake up. So, accordingly, you can get verified with your situation and sleep pattern in the morning.

9. SmartThings

At the second last in the list of best Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps, we have SmartThings. If you are fond of doing things smartly, you will surely love SmartThings.

With this Samsung app, you can sync all your smart devices, appliances, TV, speakers at once and monitor right away from your Galaxy smartwatch. In addition to this, you can even group the devices and control with ease.

You can easily track the status of devices according to location. Even if someone wants to control and operate with time condition can do it easily.

10. Samsung Browser

Although, it is not an obvious decision to surf the web browser on your smartwatch. But there are situations in which you may need a browser urgently for some small use. Unlikely, you can use it for many purposes and solve your issues as well.

Users can even use the Google Voice Assistant for searching anything as you do the same on your phone, but yes, this time, the screen will be smaller. However, the overall factor for finding anything on the internet depends on you.

For small things like seeing videos or reading a small topic can be done easily. One disadvantage of the Samsung Browser is that it works only when you have the same app on your browser.

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