Beyonce and Jay-Z getting divorced?

Beyonce and Jay Z

One more epic love story seems at the verge of splitting. Rumours of Beyoncé and Jay-Z breaking up is spreading like fire in the market.

Queen Bee was an 18 years old ambitious teenager when she first met Jay-Z who was 30 years old at that time. They started working together on many projects and became good friends. There was no clue that they could be more than that in future. People used to think that they are just being professional. Soon after the couple fell in love with each other.

Beyoncé never had a real relationship before. She always kept her career the first priority over anything. Jay-Z introduced her to the world of commitment and love.

Before meeting her, he was in a relationship with a model with whom he has a child as well. Avoiding all the odds Beyoncé got married to him secretly. The couple got blessed with three children. Seems like a perfectly happy family! But everything is not what it seems.  

Things were going good but then the news of Jay-Z flirting with other women including the singer Rihanna came into the news. The rumours started spreading in the media. He was allegedly having extra-marital affairs with many women. He even apologized many times for cheating on his wife. In a recent interview, he said that it is not easy to see someone in pain caused by you.

Queen Bee kept mum about everything this whole time. She was using her music as a therapy. In her recent album ‘Lemonade’ she spoke about how her beloved husband was unfaithful to her. That time it was confirmed that something is wrong is with their marriage. She still forgave him every time to save her marriage.

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As per recent sources, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are already over. They are just pretending to be a couple in front of their fans. They fake their love in front of the cameras but the truth is their relationship is walking through a rocky patch. The two are just together because of their kids and professional reasons.

While on the other hand, their Instagram pictures shows another story. They look very happy with each other in all the public appearances. They are the perfect example of family goals to the fans.  So are they actually splitting or is it just a rumour?

Well, if we believe the sources then Jaybey is no more. Although deep down we all hope that the rumour is fake. The way they praise each other in the interviews shows that there is still a hope left. It is not easy to split from such a long-term relationship having kids together.

It is hard to say if they have given up on each other already or they are still fighting for their love.  Let us just hope they will be together as always because they are epic together and we absolutely love this couple.  

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