Biden inauguration : 50 US states on alert

The US Capitol is on high alert prior to the inauguration ceremony of Biden. All the 50 US States along with the district of Columbia (DC) are on high alert for violent protests that are to be held this weekend ahead of the President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration that is going to be up on Wednesday. The National Guard troops are meant to deter all sorts of repeat of the deadly riots to be held last week. The FBI has even warned about the possible armed marches at all the 50 state capitols by the Pro-Trump supporters. The Biden team did set out the plans to reverse the key policies of Trump. 

Post Mr Biden setting his foot in the White House, he would embark on a blitz of executive actions that are solely designed to signal a clan break from the administration of the predecessors, as per a memo seen by the US media. He shall return US to the Paris climate agreement only on a global pact that would cut off the carbon emissions. He will also repeat the travel ban on a list of Muslim majority nations and make it mandatory for everyone to wear masks on the federal properties and also when they would be travelling interstate. Just like the President Trump, Mr Joe Biden will also be open to use the executive orders for the sake of bypassing the Congress on several issues, $1.9tn (£1.4tn) stimulus plan which was announced earlier during this week, and shall need the approval of the lawmakers. 

The far-right Trump supporters have been at the Capitol and many streets that are situated a few miles away from the Capitol said that the deadly riot is supposed to begin on 6th of January a d it has blocked off all the concrete barriers and metal fences. The National Mall is thronged with so many people for inaugurations, and it was shut at the request of the Secret Service, an agency that was held responsible for protecting the President. 

The Biden team had also asked the Americans to avoid the travel, particularly to the nation’s capital for the sake of inauguration particularly due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The local officials have even said that the people must be watching the event remotely. 

The Biden team had already asked Americans to avoid travelling to the nation’s capital for the inauguration because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Local officials said people should watch the event remotely.

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