Biggest technology failures for 2020

It was only when we got into the Covid 19 pandemic that we got to realize about how much we are dependent on the technology. Indeed, the last year, we got to understand that we needed technology to save us badly. There was a pandemic that got into the scene and there were wildfires, along with several uneasy political differences. We even relied on the news upon the technology to get the latest updates about the work in progress resolution, the Covid 19 vaccines along with the discussion regarding the technology flops and glitcjes that we have had to witness the last year. 

Indeed, the ability to match faces is one of the greatest deals what most people go for while they are purchasing smartphones these days. In today’s era when artificial intelligence has become so popular, there are settings when intrusive or unfair settings are being incorporated into schools and public housings. There seems to be a ban everywhere, even in the schools, colleges, universities, cities, states and in several organisations too. When there have been so many face recognition programs available in the industry, companies like the Microsoft and Amazon denied police access to their face matching systems. Even cities like that of Portland enacted sweeping bans to prevent the shops and hotels to identify people from now on.

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Although the polymerase chain reaction is no way a new update in the field of technology, the Covid tests are basically meant to detect the presence of specific genes that were invented back in the year 1980. The novelist was rewarded for such an awesome invention later on. The same went this year as well and the specialized laboratories of the US centers for Disease control and prevention sent lab kits but thinfs didn’t work out in our favor by any chance. Therefore, the top agencies of the nation sidelined so as to stop the spread of the pathogen.

Quibi, a Hollywood which was set out in the month of April brought a revolution in the field of entertainment with 10 minute shows that will be featured on the phone screens. Just after 6 months of debut, the firm was giving out all that remained out of the 1.75 billion dollars budget to that of the investors. 

Dozens of diplomats and spies in China and Cuba were hit by a spectrum of strange neuroligical symptoms ever since they have had heard sharp noises or have experienced loss of balance. As per the National Academics of Sciences, the most plausible cause for the tormet is none other than a microwave weapon. 

Last but not the least, with Zoom, we got to see how you can bring your school right at your home. The video application did become our new office and school during the pandemic. Also, it was the only path for people to socialize when social distancing became the new norm. Everything turned online and we realised it more since then!

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