Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are pregnant again!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Good news! The lovely celebrity couple is pregnant again! The actress Blake Lively is carrying the third baby with Pokemon starring husband Ryan Reynolds.

The rumors of Lively carrying a baby got confirmed on Thursday when the duo made their presence to the premiere of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu at the New York City. Blake was looking stunning wearing a body-hugging yellow dress through which her baby bump was quite obvious just like the expectant glow on her face. The gravid couple was looking happy and excited more than ever! So, the news is confirmed although the couple has not made any statement about the baby lively is carrying right now.

This seems no surprise as the duo is known to keep things private all the time to avoid the attention of media. Despite being so popular the two stars tend to stay away from the spotlight maintaining a normal healthy family life. Even their recent appearance was also for the film premiere where Reynolds is giving a voice for Pikachu, the lead character of the live-action movie; Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

During an interview, Blake has made a remark that she does not like making personal things public as she wants her family to live a simple life with no media interference. She wants her children to have a normal childhood.

The couple got married 7 years back and got blessed with two beautiful daughters; James Reynolds and Inez Reynolds. Now we do not have any idea whether its a girl or a boy but seems like the expectant father would like to have a girl child this time too. He keeps mentioning in the interviews how blessed he is being a father of two girls. Once he even said that he will be thrilled if he has nine daughters! Isn’t he adorable?

The last time this couple being in the news was when Ryan Reynolds unfollowed wife Blake Lively on a social media platform. The news instantly got the attention of paparazzi and people came to an obvious conclusion that the couple is splitting apart making their fans downhearted. Now that they are pregnant again, the rumour of them getting divorced obviously went off and the fans are more than happy.

The hilarious Deadpool actor is a great father and a very supportive and loving husband too. He loves his wife and never misses a chance to praise her in front of the media. Reynolds and Lively are creating an example of a perfect happy family for the fans.

Congrats to the lovely couple! We wish their baby all the health and luck.

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