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Despite the pandemic, there was a steep rise in the price of bitcoin. Perhaps, many cryptocurrencies, bloomed out, during the epidemy. Currently, bitcoin is fueled by bitcoin, which has a capital of more than 1trillion USD. Bitcoin is considered the “big bully” in the crypto market, as it is responsible for 69% of the market value.

It’s been in the news that public companies are also converting their cash into cryptocurrencies. An American Payment Company, Square, bought bitcoins worth 50million USD. Several other companies like Microstrategy and many other corporates converted their money to cryptocurrencies to add more merit to the Currency value.

Bitcoin blender is a service that helps you confuse your transactions and to secure your identity. This mixer splits your identity by coating a layer into it using unique algorithms. This, in turn, covers your privacy in a better way.

Although private keys allow you to secure your transactions, bitcoin mixers enable you to hide your identity. It becomes beneficial to you to do your transactions and payments anomalously. This service helps to mix a person’s assets and give some fresh bitcoins. The main focus is to confuse the trial and restrict the person from finding the source.  Bitcoin transactions are tough to trace. Protecting information about assets becomes simpler and more comfortable. It becomes challenging for any third party to access it.

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Where Can You Find ABitcoin Blender?

You can use visit at to mix your bitcoins and make them untraceable instantly. You can clean your coins automatically after mixing. Your data is not stored after mixing, and it gets deleted automatically. All of these are done in a minimal charge according to the anomalously needed. It’s very easy to use coinomize. 

Following are the steps that will guide you most efficiently.

  1. You have to enter your bitcoin address and send the coins you want to mix to the new address. One confirmation is needed for each address. 
  2. Coinomize blends your coins, thereby making them untraceable. None of your personal information will be saved by conomize. You can delete your orders yourself, or it gets automatically deleted.
  3. Once your coins are mixed, coinomize will send clean BTCs to your address.
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Advantages Of Using

The main domain is, where you can easily blend your bitcoins. Beware of the scam sites and make sure that you use these domains for mixing your bitcoins. Only one confirmation is needed to send your bitcoins. Neither your bitcoin address nor your IP address is saved with them. The log gets automatically deleted within 72hours.

You can visit a website and create a support ticket just in case you have any issues. They assure you to resolve the issue within 24 hours. 

You can use the mixing fee according to your requirement. It starts from 1% to 5% according to your use. You will receive a mixing code once you start mixing in coinomize. You have to use the code for your next mining orders. This is done so that your coins do not mix up with any of your previous transactions. 

The bitcoin mixing process may take up to 24hours. It entirely depends on how fast your blockchain is. You can access it through your onion browser coinomthajerbtq7.onion. You can also access it with the mobile app, and you have to enable the “unknown source” of the app to install it. The minimum mixing amount is 0.00015 BTC (up to 5 addresses). And the maximum mixing amount is 423.94 BTC. Several cold wallets and nodes are present for protection. 

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You receive up to 40% commission for your referrals. With the referral program, you can earn commissions for a lifetime and use your affiliate links with friends, users, and other forums to get referrals. You can keep track of your affiliate earnings and earn payouts to your affiliate address. 

Currently, only a 21million Bitcoins are available, but the demand would increase as more and more people will be aware of it. Bitcoin holds more than half of the market’s capital, and the price may affect other currencies differently.

Instead of having many bitcoin challenges, we have to be very clear about the opinions and views we have about blockchains. If we don’t figure out how to govern blockchain, we can’t build a strong base in this emerging technology. 

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