Blue Exorcist Season 3 : Complete details you need to know

Blue Exorcist knows the importance of using and sticking with the original source right during the time of constructing an anime series. This creates a solid ground of sticking with the original content and turns out to be more meaningful and happening. 

‘Blue Exorcist’ has also got the name as Ao no Exorcist in Japanese, is an awesome, creative, interesting and dark fantasy anime television series which equally hold the same name as that of the manga series. 

Kazue Katou has created and illustrated the manga series and it was in April 4, 2009 that it was first published. 

Thanks to the extremely high content rich and awesome series, it didn’t take much of the time for people to start liking it in Japan. Based on the heightened popularity it has been earmarked with A-1 Pictures which decided to create an anime television series out of it. 

The best thing about “Blue Exorcist” is that it sticks with the original content while building an anime series and considering the “no-deviance” factor,  makes it even more organic. 

Blue Exorcist‘s first season hit on screen on April 17th, 2011 and soon after, it started to hit the charts of popularity. Later on with the release of first season, there has been few episodes as well as anime movie which also came into practical mode between 2011 and 2012. Later on, after few years, the announcement for second season was made which got its premier on January 7, 2017. Therefore, continuing with the series of seasons, it has hit online, there has been an obvious question mark on the minds of fans as to when the third installment will make the beginning. 

When is the expected time for the Third Season of ‘Blue Exorcist’ to come?

The second season hit on January 7th, 2017 and it continued to air till March 25th of the very same year. As the season 2 hit the market, there has been original video animation episodes which also got into the release mode and they were given the title “Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga OVA on April 4th, 2017 and October 4, 2017. Still, the news for the third season is waited but there is certain hope and aspirations that the third season is going to begin soon. It is like, we may expect the announcement for the third season anytime and if that happens, then everyone should have their fingers crossed. Even though there is an expectation of January, 2021, that we may expect the third release date. However, there is another aspect, like if the previous two schedules are followed, then looking at that aspect, the third season might get into the schedule mode on April, 2021. 

It is not very clear about how the Covid 19 situation may have impacted the release of the new season. 

Elaborate on the Storyline of the third season of ‘Blue Exorcist’?

When there is a talking about the third season, we know that there is no shortage of material for the same. Yes, we know that Blue Exorcist took loads of time for generating or building sufficient material to create an awesome second season. If the same procedural norm is followed, then we can expect that the third season will find the prominence of Rin and friends who are associated with a group called Illuminati which is led by Lucifer, the King of Light. The main hidden agenda is to bring back the evil forces and that includes Satan by unleashing demons as well as zombies on the world. Those who are familiar with the manga and have read it would clearly know that  Sabutota Toda is an important member of the organization.

It is also the Season 3 which will be experiencing the invention of Gehenna Gate, as it acts as a portal between the two worlds. The construction of the gate was done by Illuminati of the former nuclear plant. However, the engineers couldn’t grasp the orders fully. Exorcists remain to be the sole ones who prevented the portal launch, but they too were unsuccessful. As per the demons account, Assiah and Gehenna were there in a single world before. Hence, the need to unite the two worlds by illuminati was very much there. In order to create an accomplishment to the task, they were required to carry out various experiments. While on the other hand, Rin and twin brother were the only ones who were capable to stop or check on that nuisance. 

What are the views of the Author of Manga regarding Season 3?

The author of manga, Kazue Kato goes on a continuous basis to release chapters and that includes on monthly basis. She has to be continuously doing the same, as she opines that in Japan, she has to traditionally be on a regular mode without any hindrance or breaks. Even though, she takes break for one month, but she can’t given the current traditional norm associated with Japan.

She was apologetic as she said in the 2016 interview as she is in continuity mode to work and considering the nature of work and endurance which she has to go through, she realizes the immense importance and value which should be given to the entire author fraternity who do weekly serializations.

Considering the fact that they often have to sacrifice themselves as their mental and physical health is at stake. while she is certainly not among them. 

Kato also hinted about manga’s ending and signifies about the possibility of four more arcs which means that half of the entire story is in the completion mode.  She said about the manner of ending it various times but still it is not to be. 

She says that there are couple of patterns which are there and one of them will bear practical implementation to the same. Since, many times, she has to bear the fact that certain things don’t work, hence that has to be put off the chart. 

Based on the numerology where if 1 chapter is published in a year, then according to the same, 2023 will find its ending. Hence, this is the aspect which throws light on the surety of the third installment quite soon. 

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