“Bob’s Burgers” Movie: Release Date, Cast And Storyline

bob's burger movie
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The long-awaited bob’s burgers movie is coming to the big screen this summer! The cast, plot, and release date have all been announced. Fans of the show are excited about the opportunity for a new adventure with their favourite characters. If you’re not familiar with the series yet, it follows the Belcher family as they run a burger joint in an alternate universe where everyone has human body parts. Will Bob finally find love?

Release date:

27th May 2022

Cast and characters:

– The voice of bob: the original cast member.

– Linda: the original cast member.

Bob's Burgers movie finally rescheduled for May 2022 release | EW.com
Source: EW.com

– Louise: the original cast member.

– Gene Belcher – second child and only boy in the family; he’s a musician and is very self-conscious but wants to be like his dad (he also has two sisters).

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– Louise’s best friend, Zeke – a self-proclaimed cool kid who is very mean and competitive towards others.

– Louise’s other best friend, Tammy – is the opposite of Zeke and has a very nice personality.

– Bob’s friendly rival, Jimmy Pesto – the owner of the restaurant “Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria” across the street from Bob’s Burgers.

– Bob’s wife, Linda – she’s the endearing matriarch who supports the family through thick and thin.

-Tina – the oldest child – is a socially awkward teen with an offbeat sense of humour; however, she is very kindhearted deep down inside.

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– The voice of Gene – the middle child – is a prankster and jokester but also has some sensitive sides to him.

– the voice of Louise Belcher – the youngest family member who loves torturing her older siblings by putting hot pepper in their toothpaste or drawing on the walls with crayons.

Plot details:

The movie is about Louise and her family trying to stop Gene from meeting the school bully at a party that she has planned for the weekend. The plot follows the Belcher family as they run a burger joint in an alternate universe where everyone has human body parts. Bob also finds himself on the search for his first kiss when he tries to help the kids stop the school bully from ruining the dance.

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The movie will continue the story from the most recent season finale cliffhanger where we got to see Bob having fun with his family at the school dance.

Bob Belcher has a dream to run his own restaurant but is stuck working at the family’s burger joint with Linda, who doesn’t seem to want any more children despite their three already!

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