Brace Yourself: Gossip Girl is back again

Gossip Girl 2 trailer

Yes, this is true!  Gossip Girl is getting a reboot! Your most favourite show of the 2000s is coming back on the screens one more time.

The original show was based on a book with the same name by Cecily Von Ziegesar. The show went on for 9 seasons when finally it ended after completing successful eight years and Dan was revealed as the secret gossip blogger. The popular show had highlighted some serious fashion issues around New York City and have given fame to many popular stars like Blake Lively, Kristen Bell, Chace Crawford, Matthew Settle, Penn Badgley and Kelly Rutherford. 

So, you have got good news. Now the bad news is the original star cast will not be a part of the show. The casting will be entirely different. So the stars you grew up watching will not be there in the reboot.


The news of the new season of Gossip Gir coming is spreading like fire and people are going crazy over it. All social media platforms are filled with GG news. 

Some people are too excited and happy about the news. One fan writes, ‘omg. omg. omggg!!!! GossipGirl is getting a reboot!!!!!!!”.

While on the other hand, some fans are not happy with it coming with the 10th season. People are being sceptical about the entirely new cast for their favourite show. It’s hard for them to not see their favourite characters around.

Fans consider the show a classic and believe that the same aura can not be recreated. Making a reboot will only dilute the flavour of the original show. They are doubting whether the makers can cast the epic bunch of people like the previous one.

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One fan posted. “Gossip girl without the original cast is not GossipGirl’. 

To give you relief, we want to tell you that this time also the maker is Joshua. The maker of original show Joshua Safran (best known for Quantico) will be creating another Gossip Girl which is the best thing about the reboot. 

We have faith that he will do something interesting with the new season also which will definitely be able to meet the audience expectations. 

The biggest challenge for him is the new cast has to be very strong or else the show will turn out to be a big flop.

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This time the show will be having a fresh perspective altogether. Well, we do not know much about the plot but as per the sources this time some teenage girls will be the subject of the new Gossip Girl. Also, it will be a lot about social media. 

The new season will be aired on HBO Max next year. So make sure you have the same channel on your TV so you do not miss out on any gossip.

What are your views about Gossip Girl Reboot? Let us know in the comments below.

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