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There is your big one. With less than six weeks left for WrestleMania 36, ​​it's time to start making the card official quickly. There is not much time left to add matches and give them the right publicity, so the ads will start to arrive fast and furious. That was the case on Friday, as one of the most important games of the show was proposed and confirmed in about an hour.

On Thursday in Super ShowDown, Goldberg defeated the Demon to become the new Universal Champion. While many fans were not happy with the result, he set a new address for the title, with the road leading to Tampa and WrestleMania 36. The question was who would he face, and now we know who Goldberg's first challenger is going to be.

This week on SmackDown, Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg for the Universal Title was officially announced for WrestleMania 36. Goldberg came to the ring to open the program and asked who was next. Reigns responded to the challenge and said he was next before leaving the ring. Later in the night, the match for the title was official. This will be the first time that Reigns and Goldberg are in an individual match.

I am thinking that these could be involved. Check out some of the best spears in history: [/ embed]

Opinion: I understand what WWE sees in a game like this, but I wish it had happened without the Devil having to lose the title in such a short game. He has put in so much work and effort to get here that he felt like he deserved better. I'm not sure how the game is going to be, since Goldberg isn't exactly known for long games, but can you imagine Reigns having so little game? It is probably so, but it sounds a bit strange.

Do you like the game? How would you build the match? Let us know in the comments below.


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