Brilliant Ways to Market Your Home Sewing Business

Brilliant Ways to Market Your Home Sewing Business

Working a 9-to-5 job is a sure way to make ends meet. But it’s not for everyone. Venturing into business is a path that more people seem to be taking, given the liberty of being your own boss. And if your passion lies in cutting, measuring, and stitching fabric, then a home sewing business makes perfect sense.

The major pro of running a sewing business from the comfort of your home is that you’re free from the burden of paying rent for business premises. However, the main challenge comes in the marketing department. How do you get the word out about what your business is offering? Here are a few pointers.

Let Your Products Do the Talking

Your first line of marketing is the quality of the products you offer. If you put the work in and invest in coming up with quality products, then you’ve taken the first step towards marketing yourself. A high-quality product will always generate interest from potential customers.

And if you’re looking to come up with the best products, then it goes without saying that you need to work with the best equipment. The best sewing machine for beginners should be simple enough to operate while also offering a high enough stitch-per-minute sewing speed. Your reputation depends on the quality of your creations, so invest in equipment that will help you achieve that.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Social media has come to the aid of many a business. With platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp, you can now showcase your products free of charge. The best part about using social media to market your merchandise is that you could potentially reach a plethora of people.

When it comes to creating brand recognition for your business, social media is a powerful tool. Social media drives traffic by increasing leads and developing trust with customers. If you’re not familiar with the intricacies of how it all works, ring up a tech-savvy nephew or cousin and have them help you out. Let social media work for you and your business.

Think of Launching a Website

Even with the power of social media, you might still want to think about creating a website for your sewing business. A website encapsulates what your business is all about and allows customers to peruse through your product portfolio with ease. Additionally, a website allows your customers a means of contacting you in case of any queries or orders.

Creating a website isn’t as complicated as you might think. You could hire a web developer to create one for you or you could create one yourself if you have the necessary skills. Some online sites even allow you to create and customize a website. A website is a great way to tell the world what your business is all about.

Pick Your Price Point

How you price your products will determine how well your clothing items will sell. When trying to establish a price for your products, look at the input in terms of material costs and labour. Of course, you want to turn a profit on your sales but understand that outpricing yourself might be detrimental to your business.

Understanding the market could help you get a better grasp of how to charge. Find out how much customers are willing to pay and how much your competitors charge. Selecting a favourable price point could endear you to customers and keep them coming back.

Target Your Local Dailies

Print media is still a popular platform for people to receive information. As such, you could place an ad or two in your local newspaper to help spread the word about your business. You’d be surprised how many eyeballs view the classifieds section.

If you’re working on a budget, then you could still find a spot on the services section. The service section is an excellent and affordable option to try and get the word out to potential clients. Include your business details in terms of what you’re selling and your contact details. Then wait for the orders to come rolling in.

Use Word of Mouth

People talk, there’s no getting around that. So why not use the power of speech to get the word out about your business? Talk to a friend to talk to a friend and have them know what you’re offering.

Additionally, you could get more involved in community work to help spread the word. Visit local fabric shops or clothing stores and spread the word about your business. Once you build a loyal fanbase, you might be surprised about how popular your business might end up being.


Flyers remain one of the simplest and most budget-friendly ways to market any business. When you’re designing your flyer, you’ll want to keep things simple and avoid overcrowding the space. Focus on your leading service, which in this case, is sewing while giving details on the type of clothing you make. You could also provide details on things like the fabrics you use and estimated turnaround time for orders.

Keep your flyer design simple by using a maximum of two fonts. Also, use full colors while keeping away from dull black and white tones. When it comes to running copies of the flyers, make copies from the original file to avoid dull looking duplicates. You could also include a discount coupon on the flyers to capture people’s attention.

Be Your Own Billboard

What better way to showcase your products than wearing them yourself? This approach is probably the cheapest way to let people get a glimpse of what you have to offer. If people see you comfortable in your own wardrobe, then they get a sense that you believe in your products, and they might just want to join in.

Marketing is a tough task for any business, but it’s not an impossible one. If you’re starting a home sewing business, you’ll want to get as much buzz around your business as soon as possible. With these tips, you could watch your business blossom into the success you’ve always envisioned it to be.

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