Brooklyn political bosses ignore Covid 19 rules at the birthday party celebrations

The celebrations concerning the head of Congress namely Carlo Scissura didn’t follow the COVID regulations with the attendees celebrating too close to each other without masks.

The images emerging from the birthday party showed attendees such as Kings County powerhouses with the likes of former Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman Frank Seddio and Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Ingrid Lewis-Martin.

The images which have emerged showed the extent of carelessness which has been shown by the people who can be seen giving scant regard to the social distance which is necessary during Covid 19 times. 

Around two dozen people can be seen mingling and greeting each other during the 50th year celebration, with the exception of two people who did present their responsible side by wearing mask. 

The second image creates even greater level of mockery with people literally jostling in the dining area. All of them can be seen crammed in the limited space present. 

Seddio and Lewis Martin were visibly seen in conversation without any mask.  Scissura put forth his version saying that individual mask was given to everyone on their arrival to the venue and their temperature was also checked henceforth.

He is further regretful due to the shortcomings which have emerged in the venue. Additionally, he is also thankful for the friends which threw him a surprise party. 

He added about the necessity of rules which should be implemented especially during the tough Covid 19 times, in order to overcome the pandemic

Even as the governor of New York has ordered to limit the private gathering to 10 people, as the threat of coronavirus seems to be worsening. 

The governor office is keen to forcefully implement the order especially as the gatherings have become a major cause of concern.

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