BTS’s Bang Bang Con : Online concert

BTS's Bang Bang Con

BTS’s Bang Bang Con: Online concert seems to be a scream fest since the fans admit to turning up the volume on their respective devices. BTS latest streaming event kicked off the Twitter platform with utmost excitement and thus, the fans have already become ready with their ‘at-home concert experience’. BTS, the hottest K-Pop group is well aware about how to take care of its fans and it does things really well unlike any other group. The South Korean septet boy band is there to ensure that all the fans are having enough fan and entertainment, just as much as they have been expecting from their Seoul concert. 

This is the most awaited virtual event that is available online at present. The fans seem to have lost their minds after they have witnessed the show. They also seem to go crazy out of excitement to see their favorite music group back once again with a bang bang. Also, we see the responses of fans wherein that individual goes emotional and says that he thinks he died a little inside after seeing the show. It seemed as if a fire started within him. He is not sure though, but it feels as if he is alive yet dead. #Bang Bang Con

Another fan seemed to fail holding his excitement such that he says that he is so scared for the dance break to take place. It happens such that he cannot keep himself together. The opinions and the tweets reveal that they are extremely excited to see what comes in the next segment.#Bang Bang Con with army

Fans seem to be in love with their favorite band although they have been seeing them perform even if that’s across a virtual platform and not in the real scenario. Besides,some fans seem to take this up to the next level so as to make their experience realistic as well as to keep their volumes at maximum on their devices. It seems as if the scream sounds back to their favorite singers, the same way as it happens in the concert. 

On the contrary, the BTS had to postpone as well as it had to cancel different concerts that were supposed to be held in Seoul, and it is all happening due to the Covid 19 outbreak. This pandemic pushed all the schedule that was earlier planned for the month of April. The concerts were held across the map of the Soul tour thereby marking its beginning but ever since the countries have been in lock down, people are compelled to quarantine themselves in their own houses. Hence, there is no further scope to assure successful conduction of public events of such volume and size. In this context, Ergo came up with a virtual event, named as the Bang Bang Con. This is a unique event that’s absolutely free and the best thing about it is that the event features footage of their concerts over the time span. This 24 hour pop extravaganza will be streaming on April 17 through April 18 exclusively on the YouTube channel of BTS , BANGTANTV from 11 PM ET. 


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