Building A Following: A Blueprint For Using Social Media In Construction

Construction is a very physical industry. You can’t 3D print a building or use Zoom to lay a foundation. For the most part, it requires being physically present and using tangible materials to build something from nothing. 

With all of that physicality in mind, it’s not astonishing that the construction industry has been slow to embrace social media. The concept of making connections and building a business in digital space doesn’t exactly fit with traditional construction. 

Despite the hesitance to embrace social media, it has begun to break into the industry. It was inevitable, given that 75% of the U.S. population uses social media. 

People from across the industry are connecting, sharing ideas, and discussing the future of construction. That sort of community building is one of the big reasons to use social media if you’re in the industry. Never before has it been so easy to share building tips, safety information, or the next big trend in design.

So now that social media is here to stay, how can you leverage it if you’re one of the millions of people working in construction?

Follow this blueprint to build yourself a social media following that can take your career to the next level.

Be The Architect Of Your Social Media Plan

An architect plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings. When it comes to generating a social media presence, it’s up to you to be the architect.

First, you need to decide what you’re hoping to get out of it. Do you want more business? More contacts in the industry? A network of potential investors? The answer is probably a combination of all three, so let’s break them all down.

When it comes to getting more business from social media, marketing is the name of the game. You may think that no one is interested in seeing posts about construction, but that’s far from true. 

There’s something uniquely satisfying about seeing a transformation captured in photos, and you can cash in on that. Take photos of your project before and after you work on it, or post a series of in-progress photos to get people interested in the journey of what you’re building.

Seeing your work will get more people interested in hiring you. Additionally, if others in your industry see you posting compelling content, you could accomplish your goal of getting contacts and investors as well.

In case that doesn’t cut it, let’s talk about the other big way to attract others in your industry: Talk about recent developments. The quickest way to get someone clicking is by sharing information that’s relevant to them.

Find, or maybe even write, articles about recent developments, new uses for technology, or new rules affecting construction. If you’re feeling particularly industrious, you could even start up your own blog as a home for construction content. 

Blogging is a great way to get other people engaged with your content and build professional relationships. You never know who your posts might reach.

Build Lasting Connections On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for marketing, creating connections with other industry professionals, and showcasing your skills. It’s one of the few social media platforms focused on making and maintaining professional connections. So, this is the place to show off what will stand out to other people in construction. 

This is one place where people love to hear about your accomplishments, so it’s perfectly acceptable to upload photos and descriptions of your recent projects. Take the time to compile examples of your best work, find and friend colleagues, and ask for endorsements. 

If you have professional qualifications, including licenses, permits, or awards, this is also the platform for them. Those kinds of accomplishments are one of the main factors people will look at when making decisions about you, or your company.

If you don’t have a list of professional qualifications yet, don’t worry. In construction, one of the most impressive licenses you can hold is a contractor’s license. It allows you to carry out bigger projects, meet legal qualifications in states like Tennessee with strict rules regarding construction, and prove that you’re extremely qualified.

You can get your contractor’s license, and start posting about it, right away. 

If you’re not sure how to get ready for the necessary exams, you can take advantage of a contractor’s exam prep course. It covers everything you need to know to pass. Start studying today so you can add another accomplishment to your online resume. 

Reinforce Your Video Platforms

Video content is the foundation of social media at the moment. Anyone and everyone are making videos about themselves, their business, or even their pets. You can join in on that while still keeping your content relevant to construction. 

Two of the most popular video categories are DIY and How-Tos. While it wouldn’t pay to teach someone all about how to do your job, you can share some simple ideas or tips. 

If you’re looking for ideas, you could make a video series teaching people about the different types of machinery, what to look for in a contractor, how to identify foundation problems, or even about common mistakes people make while doing home repairs. 

There’s definitely an audience for that kind of content, and as they find it and share it, your social media presence will grow. That growth leads to more business, which is the whole point of investing in social media.

Sit down and brainstorm some video ideas that could work for you, and don’t forget to have fun. People are more likely to engage if they can tell you enjoy making the content. It also doesn’t hurt to throw in a cute dog if you happen to have one. 

Follow this social media blueprint to build a following that’s strong enough to stand the test of this digital time.

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