Bumble dating app unblocks politics filter

Dating apps have become extremely popular these days among the youngsters. We see more and more people joining the community recently and today we are going to talk about Bumble app and one of its recent updates. The basic idea about these dating apps is that it finds your right match based on the filter inputs given or decided by the users only. Of course, people should not misuse the privilege that they get, but they did according to the sources of the Bumble application. 

Therefore, Bumble app has recently reinstated the politics filter after disabling it to prevent the misuse in regards to the US Capitol riots. Reports emerged that some of the online users have been switching on this filter to find out people who had taken part and thus, report about them to the authorities. Indeed, using this filter for such kind of a purpose was something that is contrary to the terms and conditions of the app. 

This particular feature has been enabled and thus, the people were able to display or see their chosen political views, be it liberal or conservation, and thus, filter out the matches accordingly. Some of the app users have also claimed social media that they had changed their political references deliberately in order to attract the rioters and thus, report them. A lot of people had even accused the company for protecting people who had carrief out different kinds of violent acts by disabling the filter. 

On the other hand, there are users who said that they needed the filter to check if their matches also shared the similar kind of political views. However, Bubmle app announced that it had restored the function within 24 hours of suspending it. The app has also said in one of its statements that it was blocking the people who had been using the platform to “spread insurrectionist content”.

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