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It is an exciting time for Call of Duty: Warzone. Infinity Ward's battle royale recently opened up its mysterious bunkers and launched a continuing taunt for the announcement of the upcoming Call of Duty game, called Black Ops Cold War.

The bunkers are super cool and house loads of loot, including a unique blueprint, so players are working to unlock them. But some of the bunkers are difficult to open. Bunker 11, for example, is closed unless you take a specific number of steps involving blue phone locations, translate numbers from Russian, visit red phones in the correct order, and then jog toward Bunker 11 north of Arklov Military Base. Peak for loot. (There are many more details in our Call of Duty Warzone Bunkers guide.)

That sounds like a great effort, doesn't it? Well it's clearly too much effort for some as Warzone now has a camper bunker issue.

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Players who are working to unlock the bunkers report that the campers killed them and that they expect them to do the dirty work. Warzone does not have instantiated bunkers. That is, if a bunker is unlocked, each and every player on the map can enter. Therefore, some teams are bunker hot spots for camping, as well as other locations that must be visited to unlock bunkers, for easy kills, and bunker loot.

Thanks for the free access to the bunker. from r / CODWarzone

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So you found a bunker that I see in r / COD

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This is not going well. Warzone-related social media and subreddits are full of complaints from players who have been knocked down by nasty bunker campers. "For people camping in Bunker 11," wrote the REAVRx redditor. "Fuck you. You don't deserve the blueprint. There are people who work hard trying game after game hour after hour to get the prize they deserve. It's a shame for you."

"You people sitting in the bunker waiting for someone to open it," said redditor mikemgandy, "someone who turned around and really did the job. You buy (sic) need to be banned, it ruins the experience for everyone."

"Making Warzone's Easter egg is toxic," said redditor Austsin. "Now that everyone knows about the Bunker 11 Easter Egg and how to do it, no one can do it. There are so many bunker campers, phone campers, and other teams trying to do the same as you do. It makes sense but it's frustrating."

Campers' actions have sparked a debate over the rights and mistakes of their actions. While many have dismissed bunker campers as unethical and even miserable, others have said that camping in bunkers is a fair game. This is a real battle, after all.

Opening bunkers has become one of the most fun things to do in Warzone, which is why everyone does it. Just be sure to clear the area before getting too close. You never know who might be waiting to take advantage of your hard work.


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