Byleth from Three Houses is the newest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter


Byleth is Super Smash Bros. UltimateNewest fighter, as announced in today's presentation.

Byleth is the hero of Fire Emblem: three houses, a mercenary who later becomes a teacher in a monastery and allies with one of the noble houses of the continent. A fairly normal career, as you can see. Masahiro Sakurai really played Fire Emblem: three houses before it was released to get the best idea of ​​how to take Byleth to the super successful fighting game. And he added that much of Nintendo's staff didn't know they were going to be a Smash fighter. He said the team worked with "the biggest secret" in the company, and that he thinks some staff members will react with, "wow, really?"

Female and male Byleth are available to play, and although the fighter has limited mobility, Sakurai called the hero a "distant demon." This is because Byleth's attacks capture and attack enemies with the whip sword, strike with the ax and the spear. and shoot with the bow. In addition, the whip sword acts as a grab, which allows the player to avoid certain death or bring down other fighters with them. In short, distance is key to causing serious damage to the contestants.

However mate Fire emblem character counters will cause many problems for Byleth, so be careful with these fighters. The new stage is the Garreg Mach Monastery of Three houses, and a platform will transport players from the market, the reception room, the bridge and the cathedral. Family faces will greet you in each section, for example, you will find Blue Lions in the market and Black Eagles at the reception. eleven Fire emblem clues are being added, with Japanese and English arrangements of Three houses main topic. Finally, there will be a new spirit board with popular Three houses characters, and Sothis is the legend class.

However, the fighter is not ready yet. Sakurai revealed that the video was filmed and produced in November 2019, so what we saw today may not match the final version of Byleth. Still, it looked very impressive and Fire Emblem: three houses Fans will feel at home in the new stage.

Byleth and the accompanying content will be available for purchase on January 28, priced at $ 5.99. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Now available for Nintendo Switch. Look at today Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement below.


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