California breaks daily coronavirus record with over 8,000 confirmed cases


California posted its highest daily coronavirus count for the third time in just over a week on Monday with 8,000 infections and also topped 6,000 deaths, authorities said.

The spike comes as the virus continues to reemerge after months of unprecedented orders to combat its spread. Governor Gavin Newsom said Monday that hospitalizations have increased 43 percent in a two-week period, as well as a 37 percent increase in patients admitted to intensive care units during the same period.

COVID-19's positivity rate increased to almost 6 percent, he said.

Other states and communities are also grappling with increased infections, prompting some to reimpose security protocols.

Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the virus in the state, ordered the closure of all beaches over the July 4 weekend after an "alarming" increase in new COVID-19 cases. Texas authorities ordered the closure of bars a second time, and Arizona temporarily closed: bars, gyms, water parks, movie theaters, and nightclubs.

Calfornia is monitoring 19 counties amid an increase in cases and hospitalizations in those locations. Four more could be included Wednesday, Newsom said. Statewide, nearly 223,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19.

In a dire warning Monday, Los Angeles County health officials reported that 1 in 140 people are infected. The data above suggested 1 in 400 people.

"We are seeing an increase in transmission. We are seeing more people get sick and go to the hospital, "said Dr. Christina Ghaly, director of county health services." This is largely a change in the trajectory of the epidemic in recent days. It is a change for the worse and a cause for concern. "

On Tuesday, Newsom announced that new restrictions are being considered as the number of cases increases before the holiday weekend. He did not go into details.

He also expressed concern about large gatherings, particularly family gatherings.

"Tomorrow we will make some additional announcements about efforts to use that dimmer switch" that I have referred to and we will start to change our stay-at-home order and adjust things, "he said." The framework for us is this: if you don't go to stay home and you're not going to wear masks in public, we have to enforce, and we'll make and make announcements about law enforcement tomorrow. "


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