Can Facebook likes make anything trending on internet?

Social media platforms are so potent that it holds power to trend and spread any story or incident that has happened in the past, or has happened recently or will happen in the future.

Almost 4.66 billion people use the internet daily, which’s more than half of the freaking world. And every day, a new story from past, present, or future goes viral, and people all around start buzzing about the matter.

And these stories usually go viral from one of the many social media platforms and spread across other platforms on the internet.

So how is it possible to trend something on the internet, and can Facebook likes do the daunting task? Let’s discuss it below.

How something trend on the internet?

When many people using the internet start discussing or sharing the same content, content related to the same thing on a platform, the topic on which discussions are based is said to be trending on the website.

And if people share the content across various social media platforms, then the topic is said to be trending on the whole internet. Like on Facebook, if many people start sharing a post, either the post starts trending, or the topic on which the post is based starts trending.

Many factors play a pivotal role in making a topic trend on Facebook or the internet. Like sharing, it is the most important thing to make a story trend on the internet.

People who use any social media generally use other social media platforms also. If they like a particular story, they share it on their accounts on other social media platforms.

How likes matter in making a story trend?

Facebook likes are essential for making a topic trend on the internet and psychologically play an essential role. When people on Facebook scroll through their Facebook feed and encounter a post with tremendous likes, they get attracted, and if they find the post interesting enough, they share it on their posts and with their friends.

If the post is compelling enough, then it gets shared across other social media platforms also. And so this sharing goes on, and the topic gets trending on Facebook.

You will have witnessed if you are an active user of Facebook that if anybody shares something with you and it is not clear by the thumbnail of the post that what the post is all about, you don’t easily visit the post unless the person who sends it is close to you.

But if the post has a huge amount of likes on it, you get too tempted to know the reason behind it and become curious and access the link or open the post.

How can you get people to like your posts?

There are many ways you can do it; most of the time, you will see people suggest you be creative or make something new. Yes, it is essential for your post to be creative and something different, but it gets very difficult to make something that will compel people to like your post. But there are other ways also to do it.

  • Create something on hot topics 

If you want your posts to get viral on the internet, try sharing something related to the hot topics in your area, country, or the world, like sharing about any topic related to people’s freedom of rights. Or you can also spot cute kids or animals and try to record them and share them on Facebook.

  • Sharing extraordinary skills
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Social media are great tools for everything from getting connected to new people to expanding your business or making something go viral in the world. 

If you have any extraordinary skill or know somebody with extraordinary skills of any kind, you can make a post about it and share it online on Facebook. People using Facebook love such posts, and these kinds of posts garn a crazy amount of likes.

For example, if somebody in your area is a great carpenter and has some crazy skills, you can shoot their video, and possibly people on Facebook will also find it amusing like you and will leave a like and share it with other of their friends. And in this way, your post reaches worldwide, allowing other carpenters worldwide to share their skills and people involved in the carpenter business will become a trend, and you will be called a trendsetter.


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Now that you are aware of the power of likes and sharing occurring on social media and how these play an essential part in making a story trending in the world. You will also want your posts to get likes and people sharing them. There are people who know the power of the likes and shares buy Facebook page likes.

Follow the points mentioned above, and you might become the next trend setter.  

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