Captain America serving 2 dramatically different portions of America

Captain America had a turbulent commencement to the new year and amid the harrowing events of 6th of January, we saw how 5 people had died at the time of an invasion of the US Capitol and that was held by an angry mob who had been supporting Donald Trump. 

A lot of political factions came into the picture. The character portrays national pride, American power and faithful service of the military towards the nation. He is a staunch supporter of the people and he is dedicated to fight fascism along with white supremacy. The inflamed citizens across the ideological spectrum have been seeking inspiration and solace. They were helping their beloved superhero who has been a touchstone for their own values and they also had a few different views of what America should actually be!

Marvel played a fluctuating role in the ideological melee and it offers a microscopic bite of the current scenario and ironies of America. It further portrays the turmoil that the political scenario of America has currently been going through! Besides, it shows the futility of trying to map the fictional characters onto the real life situations which are much more complex, particularly when they are unprecedented.

Captain America had a reputation and this month has been quite strange for him as well. The Georgia runoff elections had been delivering 2 narrow but huge congressional victories on 5th of January for the Democrats. The grateful social media users have praised Stacey Abrams, an activist by framing her as a modern day, with the real life Steve Rogers. 

The comparison makes a good amount of sense to Abrams who had been an avid fan of the geek culture. She partnered with the geek icons to get rid of the vote and the fundraise for the 2020 election. Abrams and her high profile voting rights campaign did play a major role in increasing voter awareness and turnout in her home state for eking out a majority for the Democrats in both the houses. 

Abrams with the Avengers continue a persistent Trump era tradition of the superheroes. As a result, it served as an inspiration and an iconography against the administration. Her reference as an avenger was discussed even while she fought against voter disenfranchisement.

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