CeeLo Green joins the Boot Camp marriage: Hip Hop Edition


The music legend CeeLo Green has decided to join Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. The famous singer has had difficulty deciding if he really wants to settle down and become a married man.

Marriage Boot Camp Follow the couples after their wedding day. Couples are invited to live together in a mansion while trying to save their failed marriages. Originally a spin-off of Bridezillas, the program now offers a variety of famous cast members the option of fixing their relationships, such as Pauly D, Kendra Wilkinson and Aubrey O'Day. The couple goes through a two-week intensive training camp where they are evaluated with strategic exercises and exercises to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem in their relationship.

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The latest addition to the training camp family was announced as Grammy winner CeeLo Green and her fiance, Shani James, as reported by the NY Daily News. Other contestants will be Joseline Hernández, who rose to fame in Love and Hip Hop Y, the composer Michelle Toussaint of the rap trio The Lox. The fourteenth season will be based on the royalty of hip hop and its failed relationships. The program will register five couples as they move to the famous mansion to spend ten days together to try to recover what is left of their relationship.

Green and James have been engaged for three years and have continued to wonder if they want to get married. Toussaint had a son with Dr. Dre and will be on the show with her boyfriend Stew. Both desperately need advice when the program began filming, as the episodes show that their age difference hinders their connection. Toussaint also accused Dr. Dre of domestic violence and was the main character in the Lifetime biopic. The luggage that Toussaint had seized was not helping her communicate with Stew. While Hernandez, who was the beauty of the house, decided to give her boyfriend, Balistic Beats, a deadline for a commitment. Hernandez was known for being a bad girl, since her father was a famous music producer and she liked to be called "The Puerto Rican Princess" at all times.

There have already been some important advances for the new season, since Dr. Ish Major, one of the training camp counselors, hinted that there was a couple in the house who was not a couple. Judge Lynn Toler who starred Divorce court He will also be a judge whose goal is to invent drills that prove each induvial and partner, ultimately reducing which couple must remain united and who must live separately.

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Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition opens on February 6 on WE.

Source: NY Daily News

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