Celebration for New Office in China – Allied Wallet and Founder Andy Khawaja

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When we talk about the best solution providers in the industry of digital payments, Allied Wallet is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names. It is a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. Allied Wallet celebrated its grand opening for its new office in Beijing, China. This opening began with hundreds of customers, fans, and partners. China had the largest e-commerce market in the world and thus, Allied Wallet came into the picture to support the overwhelming demand of the region. It had a transaction value surpassing $1 trillion annually, already with the online retail sales. As per the projections from the Emarketer, China’s retail e-commerce sales will expand by 27.3%, reaching $1.935 Trillion in the year 2019, and consequently, the China’s e-commerce sales will represent 63.9% of its total retail sales by the year 2023.

Allied Wallet: a friend to the Chinese businesses

Allied Wallet has been striving to support the Chinese businesses. It has already been supporting the payments with some of the biggest platforms, well known in China including that of the AliPay, which has over 520,000,000 users. On the contrary, the WeChat Pay has over 900,000,000 monthly users, and Allied Wallet supported that too.

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China Unionpay, a platform that is already accepted by more than 41 million merchants  all across the world has already gained a hand of assistance from the online payment giant. It is recognised as the largest payment card issuer in the world with more than 6 billion cards already issued in the domestic market. The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja attended this grand opening in Beijing and took part in this celebrations thereby standing right beside those 150 new employees who joined the Beijing office then and is working now.

Allied Wallet grabbing new opportunities in China

Dr Andy Khawaja says that China has got plenty of new opportunities along with huge growth potential as well. As a result, the wages in China are increasing quickly over the time. People across China are also integrating online shopping intobtheir regular lives. Also, he mentions that there will be about 200 million new online shoppers coming up in China by the year 2020. This new revolution is sure to break all barriers and help promote the growth and security of the online payments. Goldman Sachs stated that China’s 467 million online shoppers are urban millennials, who happen to live mostly in the top-tier cities constitute 75% of the nation’s population. The company’s global operation is expanding even further, all across the world and its growth shall always be celebrated in the coming days.

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