Celebrities continue partying through the pandemic in Miami –

This tough time has locked people inside their home but there are few celebrities who are still throwing parties. Chris Brown is one of those celebrities who were found at outdoors at Komodo this week. He was dinning with the owners of fashion board, Fashion Nova. Then according to reports it is also said that Tyga and Marshmello were also found joining him. Not just them there are numbers of celebrities who joined them and among them are Stallone sisters, Sistine and Sophia and Busta rhymes. 

An insider reported that, by seeing party’s people cannot differentiate situation and they can consider, nobody can tell that pandemic situation is going on. According to the report, many names have been taken and included and one of also the names, which came is Venus Williams. Venus Williams was also found eating at one table at scenery open- air restaurant Joia Beach. On the other hand, Elle McPherson was also found and Elle was found on another table, New York nightlife impresario Unik ernest and New York city celebrity publicist Anna Rothschild sat at third. 

On asking for such irresponsible behaviour many said that what is the problem? when people are partying inside house. There is no need of mask even inside home, in such kind of home parties. According to the news we all have heard many things about; many celebrities have bought their homes in Miami. The reports are the list includes celebrities like Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, Jared Kushner, Ivanka trump, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. They all have bought multimillion dollar estates and not just them there are many others whose names are included in this list. By seeing such situation is predicting that in coming time the prices of lands would go up. 

This covid19 situation has turned faces of people and also entire story for whole world. World of many has fallen apart and for many this covid19 has changed their lives. But as per the reports, many celebrities are still throwing party and enjoying and they are also getting found outside doing party. Many are buying lands in Miami and many celebrities are partying in Miami. So the craze for Miami land is high among celebrities and numbers of celebrities are partying in Miami. But they are under question that even in such a critical situation why and how they are partying? Everyone out there are asking same question and they are willing to know answer of it and they want to know how they have become so careless? They are an ideal for many and they are the ones who should follow the trend at first and then others come. Their fans have also requested them; they can party with limited number of people by taking care of the situation. If they would party among largest number of people then it would surely encourage others to do the same. So they must be careful about the situations.

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