CEO Ahmad Khawaja Talks Fintech and Allied Wallet Live on Fox Business Network

CEO Ahmad Khawaja Talks Fintech and Allied Wallet Live on Fox Business Network
CEO Ahmad Khawaja Talks Fintech and Allied Wallet Live on Fox Business Network

The CEO Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet is known as a globally leading provider of online payment processing. Allied Wallet has been a huge success and is known for offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world. Ahmad Khawaja was recently featured on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. He was recently featured in an article that recognized his technological and business achievements. Varney & Co. has been hosted by Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network since the year 2007. The company is regarded as the highest rated market program on the television. It has been decades that he has been known for his excellence in the field of journalism.

Dr Ahmad Khawaja: Stuart Varney discussion

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja sat down for a discussion with Stuart Varney. They were all set to discuss the success of online and mobile applications. The discussion was inclined towards the reach of digital payments soon. He went on saying about ways through which the internet has become so very significant and relevant to society today. He even said that it was just about 13 years back when he wanted to make his idea of Allied Wallet come true, and thus, talks about the responses that he had received then. He said that there were several criticisms and no one except him had faith in his vision. Even, he said that it was only persisted in working out with those things and attributes much of his success to the country that allowed him to flourish – the United States of America.

Dr Ahmad Khawaja: Fighter

Dr Ahmad Khawaja said that one needs to have faith in himself and his abilities. He went on saying that he has always been a fighter. He has fought all his life and he has always aspired to reach a goal, He said that he has been a self-made man. It was all because of his efforts that he has reached this far! He went on saying that hard work and dedication play a vital role in determining the success of an individual, and an organization as well. He kept forward the discussion by saying that he is always a fighter, and he has never learnt of accepting the failure.

He said that the journey has not been smooth for him. It is all due to his continuous effort that had finally brought him this far! He has never learnt to accept the defeat and that is supposedly the best thing about him. He has always tried to give his best in each and every business, and the same was the case for him with Allied Wallet as well. He added that life has never been easy with him. He witnessed a lot of ups and downs, but he was always ready to accept all of them without any refusal. Ahmad Khawaja inspires other entrepreneurs to do the same!

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