CEO Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet Live on Fox Business Network

allied wallet

CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, who is well recognized as a globally leading provider of online payment processing talks Fintex on Fox Business Network. The company, Allied Wallet does not need an introduction. However, we all are aware that the organization deals in offering various payment solutions. Allied Wallet operates in 196 countries all over the world. It was featured on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. and Dr Andy Khawaja was thus, featured therein. He was recognized for his technological and business achievements.

Varney & Co. has been hosted by Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network since the year 2007. Need not mention, it was the highest rated market program on television since then. Dr Andy Khawaja is thus, being recognized for decades for his excellence in the field of journalism.

Dr. Andy Khawaja sat down with Stuart Varney to discuss about the success of online platform and mobile applications. He further took the topic ahead by talking about the reach of digital payments and how the internet has become much of a necessity to our society in today’s time.

He admitted that many people thought him to be crazy about 13 years back, and he mentioned all of it only to talk about his vision of online payment. It was only him who believed in the connections that he created, and how he persisted about the attributes that finally led him to his success today. The United States of America also talked about how the countries flourished over the period of time.

Dr Andy Khawaja: He had to win a fight to succeed!

Dr Andy Khawaja went on saying that it is the land of dreams coming true, and one who wants to achieve anything, will truly have to work hard in order to earn it. He said that he is proud to be a fighter and be had to fight really hard to reach the position where he is today. Stuart Varney, on hearing this, thus, offered a sincere congratulatory response to the CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja.

Dr. Andy Khawaja accepted Stuart Varney’s invitation with utmost pride and ended the show saying that he would be back right there soon. He also made a promise by saying that the next episode will throw more light on technological innovation and the e-commerce industry too!

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