CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet’s speech on E-Commerce and Innovation Live on CNBC

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The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, stands to be a globally leading provider of online payment processing. It has also established itself successfully in the field of multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. The CEO offered an expert point-of-view on e-commerce and business innovation live on the CNBC. CNBC Arabiya features a daily program schedule that is targeted on the most pressing business news of the region. The feature also consists news regarding the regional stock market summary along with that of corporate updates. Also, they offer a concentrated commentary on how developments from the nation’ls like Europe and America are affecting the region adversely.

Allied Wallet: globally renowned eCommerce expertise

Andy Khawaja is a globally-renowned entrepreneur. He is an e-commerce expert, who has been well known for his achievements. His company, Allied Wallet has been receiving rewards all throughout the year which made the company one of the most recognized across the world.

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Dr Andy Khawaja’s live interview with the CNBC regarding the e-commerce and technological innovation and the way it has actually led itself all across the middle East region was the central theme of his discussion. He talked about how he, along with his team, thus, made its way to work towards improving the payment services to help both the sellers and buyers do easy and safe transactions right at the tip of their fingers.

Allied Wallet: E-commerce is global

Dr Andy Khawaja further said that eCommerce is global and thus, the easy and safe media of transactions have finally helped the people all around the world to shop behond the borders for new goods and services. Presently, the e-commerce sales are raging in trillions and with companies like Allied Wallet, the facility has become easier than ever.

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Andy Khawaja also talked a bit on the Allied Wallet’s partnership with Merrill Lynch. He said that the primary intention behind it was to assist them in taking the company public. CNBC Arabiya provided a great interview. The platform served to be a  widespread medium to inform the field of e-commerce and business technology. He also gave his valuable insight in the growing avenue of retail industry in his speech.

Throughout his interview, he was inclined towards providing an example of the lucrative aspects of the E-commerce industry and how a company can grow right from that of a startup to that of a global firm over the years with the consistency and hard work.

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