CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja, Recognized at Successful World Stars Football Charity Match

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CEO of the leading online payment solutions provider, Dr. Andy Khawaja, of Allied Wallet, was recognized at a star-studded charity event recently. The event was held in Monaco at Louis II Stadium. The STAR Team is basically a charitable sports organization. The team has been recognized by the Monegasque government. It is well known for its efforts in helping the underprivileged children of the society and standing beside them to support their requirements.  Allied Wallet, has been a long-time supporter of this charity support and definitely, it is all because of the belief of Dr. Andy Khawaja that this online payment solutions company could manage to go such a long way. He takes immense pride to donate to this ambitious objective.

Allied Wallet: The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is indeed one of the greatest events ever! Prior to this event, there were many familiar faces that joined for a football match. Some of these faces among them were the stars of football, skiing, cycling, and Formula 1 racing. The AS Star Team was led by Prince Albert II against Felippe Massa and his “Piloti” drivers team. The continuous support and contribution of Dr Andy Khawaja at the event was greatly recognised. Each jersey was boldly adorned. The company logo across the front is something that took everyone’s attention in the event.

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Allied Wallet: Recognising the talents

Dr Andy Khawaja in the interview said that he aas extremely proud to support such a good cause along with Allied Wallet. Dr. Andy Khawaja further said that this event served as a platform to him to bring together so much talent from different areas of expertise. He said that it gave him an opportunity to witness the ability of today’s youth and what good they would be able to do to this society. All that they lack is nothing other than a helping hand and motivation.

Allied Wallet promises to recognise the potential of these young individuals by standing together for just a single common goal. The only intention behind that was nothing but to provide a better future to the children and help them in growing as successful individuals. Certainly, the Monaco Grand Prix proved to be another successful event with its support from Claudio Chiapucci, Prince Albert II, Hublot, Claudio Ranieri, William Gallas, and many more. The name of Dr. Andy Khawaja is indeed the most significant name in this context. Without his contribution, it could never have been such a success!

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