CEO of the Year at the Yale Club in New York City – Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Recognized

CEO of the Year at the Yale Club in New York City - Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Recognized

The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet, popularly regarded as a globally leading provider of online credit card processing has been offering multi-currency merchant services across 196 countries all around the globe. The organization was a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. The immense success of the company was thus, recognized as the CEO of the Year by the Annual IAIR Awards at the Yale Club in New York City. The IAIR Awards also celebrates with the motif of showcasing the excellence of this digital payment empire in global economy and sustainability. All these attributes finally led to the success of one of the most important entrepreneurial companies in the financial, legal, insurance, and banking spaces, and they were thus, chosen for awards and celebrations.

Allied Wallet: recognized by the IAIR Awards

Mr. Andy Khawaja was asked to participate in the American CEO Summit, as a part of the awards. He was invited in a panel that consisted of some of the most successful CEOs in the world and Dr Andy Khawaja was certainly one of them. Each of the panel members was discussing about the key topics such as the most strategic countries for investments and growth along with several others.

Dr Andy says that it was no less than an honor to be recognized by the IAIR Awards. He also said that he has been extremely happy when he was asked to offer his voice and opinions regarding the strategy and growth of his business and how he could establish his organization among one of the top companies in the industry. He gave the entire credit to his organization and the employees out there. He said that without such a team work, it could never have been possible. He continued, “Along with Graciela Chichilnisky and Carl McMahon, we were able to have a valuable and positive discussion about global economy.

Allied Wallet CEO Dr Andy Khawaja: recognized globally for his entrepreneurial success

Dr Andy Khawaja states that it feels amazing to be a part of such grand award shows and deliver engagement speeches before such an astounding audience. It feels good, he says, to be able to receive a global recognition for his motivational speaking and entrepreneurial success.

Andy Khawaja states that things go better and bigger each and every day. Thus, he is waiting eagerly to witness what the future has to hold. He also promises to show that to everyone as well. Dr Andy Khawaja has been recognized as the CEO and entrepreneur of the Year by the IAIR Awards and Start Your Business Magazine this year.

Also, people have been expecting him to hold the title of the “CEO of the Decade” really soon, may be some years down the line. Indeed, our expectations from him are high enough! We wait to see him go a long way in the years to come!

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