Changes In Body That You Should Not Avoid

We all tend to ignore symptoms in our body, thinking that they are harmless, but ignoring them could be serious. It is better to know the below-mentioned body changes so that you could notice them and visit the doctor to understand if something is wrong or not. 

Body Signals That Need Your Close Attention

Dry and Cracked Lips 

Flaky and dry skin can be a sign of an allergy. If you are dealing with this case, then make sure to pay attention to the cosmetics you are using, oral hygiene products, medicines you take and the food you eat. If you have cracks in the mouth corners, your body might be lacking in vitamins A B and E. If you are also dealing with dry mouth, dry eyes and issues with the digestive system, visit a doctor. 

Nail Dystrophy 

If you notice any change in the structure and colour of your nail, it’s time to pay attention. Pale and thin nails can be due to anaemia or lack of iron in the body while yellow nails indicate gastric tract and liver disorders, or it might be a fungal infection. If you notice white stripes or spots on your nails, it might be due to lack of copper, iodine, and zinc and nails can become brittle when they lack vitamins like beta-carotene, iron, and calcium in the body. 

Dry Heels

If you have dry heels, it can be because of the lack of vitamin A, Vitamin E, or fungal infection. If roughness and dryness don’t go even after taking proper care and adequate vitamins, then consult the doctor. 

White Stains On Teeth 

 Dental fluorosis is responsible for the white stains on teeth. It is caused due to overexposure to fluoride during the first seven to eight years of life. Its symptoms can cause discoloration in large areas of teeth. You can take teeth whitening treatments to remove these white spots.

Dry Hands Or Dry Skin 

Dry skin is common in cold seasons, but consuming plenty of water using moisturising cream and taking vitamins can be very helpful. If the solutions mentioned above don’t help you, then it is better to visit a dermatologist because dry skin is also a common sign of hypothyroidism and diabetes. 

Hair Loss 

If you are experiencing significant hair loss, consult a doctor because there are numerous reasons behind this symptom. It could be due to lack of vitamin D in the body for that you can try vitamin D capsule, vitamin D tablets or any other form of Vitamin D supplement. Thyroid disorders, skin infections etc. are another reason for this condition. 

These symptoms separately are not a reason to worry, but it is important to notice the condition objectively and pay close attention to changes in your appearance and overall well being. Make sure you don’t neglect and visit specialists because they are the one who can give you exact answers to your questions and suggest the right treatment plan. 

Do you know any other small changes in the body that can indicate the development of a certain disease? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. 

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