Charlize Theron reportedly being spotted for Marvel role


After the successful premiere of Poison Starring Tom Hardy, Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters is advancing at full speed with the development of various movies and spin-offs. Now, according to a new report, the untitled Marvel movie slated to premiere in 2021 will involve Madame Web.

At this point, everyone is wondering if Sony's line of movies will tie in with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the new Morbid the trailer is an indication, given the brief cameo by Michael Keaton, then both Mouse House and Sony are moving towards a possible crossover. And even beyond that, Tom Hardy has been teasing us endlessly about the possibility of a Spider-Man vs. Venom.

But what about other superheroes and villains related to Spider-Man? Well, as Variety recently reported, the "secret Marvel movie" Sony is currently developing has found its director. Apparently, TV director S.J. Clarkson, known for helping episodes in Right handed, MD House.and Orange is the new blacknot to mention Marvel himself Jessica Jones and The defenders, will take charge of this new project. Additionally, the store believes the new movie will focus on Madame Web.

No writers have been recruited yet, but the studio is looking for a top-notch actress to join and then hire a writer to "develop the film around her." Both Charlize Theron and Amy Adams are being seen for the role, but neither has had talks with the company.

While it is definitely too early to say whether there is any validity to these reports, the fact that Madame WebThe name that has been featured multiple times in rumors in recent months makes her a highly likely candidate for Sony and Marvel's upcoming live-action adventure.

Amy Adams already has a role in the DCEU, so with fingers crossed, we'll see Charlize Theron finally join the Marvel superhero universe and honestly we couldn't think of a better actress to portray the enigmatic characters.


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