Choose an excellent hacking course to make an intelligent career move!

Ethical hacking is a process to enter the computer system and its networks to locate weaknesses and vulnerabilities that might get exploited by spiteful hackers. Uncovered information is then utilized to enhance the system security and plug the gaps.

Ethical hacking is also called penetration testing, red teaming, or intrusion testing. There are several types of hackers, and ethical hackers are also known as white hat hackers. 

A quick search for an ethical hacking course will give you tons of results, and you can choose one to suit you best.

To get started with ethical hacking training, you need to master:

  • Computer skills
  • Networking 
  • Linux skills
  • Hacker tools
  • Security technologies 
  • Virtualization
  • Scripting
  • Encryption basics
  • Digital forensics
  • Wireless technologies
  • Web programming 

Top 10 ethical hacking training course:

  1. CEH Certification (CEH v11) Ethical Hacking Training Course by Koenig Solutions

Are you looking for an ethical hacking training course? This is created by Hackers Academy and is best for beginners. It progresses with the assumption that you are a beginner and teaches you everything from basics with step-by-step instructions. The whole ethical hacking course is divided into three parts – foundation, lab setup, and hacking. It also consists of on-demand videos and assignments.

  1. Learn Ethical Hacking from scratch by Udemy

This is a complete ethical hacking training course that starts from the basic blocks perfect for beginners. The course starts from scratch and then gradually moves to the advanced level. The system has been crafted by Zaid Sabih, who is an ethical hacker, Pentester & Computer scientist, and this company called z Security.

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It is a well-designed course that offers equal importance to theoretical and practical aspects. It comprises 12.5 hours of on-demand videos with two articles and 17 supplement resources.

  1. Learn Ethical Hacking Online – Free Course by LinkedIn Learning

With 20 courses, this ethical hacking course has something for everyone. It is best for beginners taking you through several aspects like footprinting, scanning networks, Session hijacking, enumeration, and many more things.

Total duration is variable depending on the course. It has a rating of 4.8 out of five and is most popular among students.

  1. Be An Ethical Hacker by LinkedIn learning

The course is led by Lisa Block, Malcolm Shore, Scott Simpson, the leading experts in network security, web design and development, and forensics. This is one of the ethical hacking training courses and touches on several topics under cybersecurity certifications

The course covers all standard and upcoming security threats to the system and the network. The total duration of the course is 32 hours.

  1. Cybersecurity for Managers: A Playbook by MIT Management Executive Education
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This course is for executives and decision-makers that assist them in empowering the teams with resources and measures to maintain the safety of the working environment and data. You also get a digital certificate from MIT Sloan School of management. The total duration of this course is six weeks.

  1. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advance by Udemy

This is one of the best ethical hacking courses created by Ermin Kreponic. This course takes the students on a thorough journey of learning all the tricks of ethical hacking training. The entire procedure is divided into 26 sections, and you can start with any level of knowledge. It covers topics like hacking environment, breaks passwords, and attacking networks. It is available with 24.5 hours of on-demand video, full lifetime access, and five supplement courses.

  1. Hacking and Patching Certification by University of Colorado by Coursera

Make hacking web application and Wi-Fi passwords catch your attention? Then this course is just perfect for you. There are several choices for practical experience, right from hands-on lab to scanning and penetration tools. The whole curriculum is divided into four parts with some relevant projects with more than 20 videos and 12 readings.

  1. Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking by Cybrary
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If you are looking for a certified ethical hacker certification, this free course is just right for you. It starts with some accessible introductions before it levels up to a higher level. It consists of a total of 19 modules. Some of the topics include penetration testing, Trojans, denial of service, session hijacking, etc. The whole topic ranges from beginner level to advance level. It consists of 13.5 hours of on-demand video along with extra resources.

  1. Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners & Experts by Plural sight

This series helps you understand all fundamental topics, techniques, jargon, and tools used in the sector of security. You get a chance to explore the five-phase of hacking and the whole procedure of recognizing risks and defending against them, among all others. The lesson starts from basic to complex topics like cloud computing, cryptography, and penetration testing.

  1. Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners and Experts by Plural sight

This Ethical hacking training offers you a strong knowledge of TCP/IP and operating systems. It needs experience in network technologies. Topics covered include cloud computing, penetration testing, and cryptography. The total duration of the course is 60 hours.

If you want to make a career in ethical hacking, you can choose one from the course above.

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