Chris Brown trying to win Rihanna back!

Chris Brown and Rihanna

As per a few sources, Rihanna had recently broken up with the billionaire businessman Hassan Jameel, her recent boyfriend. The news is not confirmed as she has kept things very private with Hassan. Recently, Chris Brown, her former boyfriend had reacted on the news of her breakup. Seems like he is trying to win her back.

She reportedly dumped her recent boyfriend and the reason is unknown till yet. She even kept mum about the breakup but she did mention that she gets tired of men.

The Barbadian babe, Rihanna seems very busy launching her makeup collection Fenty Beauty, the lingerie line Savage x Fenty, and her recent movie Ocean’s 8. Her career is at the top of the verse but when it comes to her love life, things are getting complicated. Her busy schedule might be one of the causes of her breakup.

Rihanna and Hassan caught in media’s eyes in June 2017 when the two were seen making out in a pool in Spain followed by few dates together. Recent reports say that the couple is not seeing each other anymore and it was Rihanna who broke up with him. Later she denied the rumours of her dating Hassan.

In an interview, she said that she never met someone that was worth it. The rapper and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown responded on the remark saying he is in shock by the comment as she was her first love and it is sad that she does not remember it the way he does.

The break up between Rihanna and Jameel might be just a rumour as it is not confirmed. As she is not making any statement and kept everything private. Chris got the news from the rumours as he is following her on Instagram again.

Rihanna and Chris Brown had a nasty breakup a few years back when she accused him of physical violence. At that time people were not very sensitive about these issues and somehow the career of Chris Brown got saved. Now after all these years he still expects her to be back in his life.

Seems like Chris after whatever happened is still in love with her and want her back. Recently he wished her a happy birthday on twitter. Since then a debate is going on the internet that whether he should be forgiven for his act of domestic abuse on Rihanna.

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Sources close to him say that he is still hung up on her and not able to move on. He still misses her and checks her Instagram when he is alone. Whenever she is single he tries to make a move to get her back. However, Rihanna does not seem to go back to him after such an ugly breakup. She went through a lot and does not want to even remember that phase of her life.

Speaking of which, she was recently seen hanging out with Karim Benzema, one of the finest football player. Rumours say that he is Rihanna’s new crush. They were seen cuddling publicly in Los Angeles a few days back. She even introduced him to her family members. She has had a number of high profile relationships. Seems like she has better options rather than going back to Chris Brown.

So, what are your views on Chris Brown? Do you think that Rihanna should forgive Chris Brown and go back to him? Let us know in the comments.

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