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Good morning friends and welcome back to Newsdio’s Equity Monday, a short format audio success to start your week. Equity's regular episodes continue to fall on Friday morning, so if you've heard the show over the years, don't worry, we're not going to change the main show. (Here is last week’s episode with Danny Crichton, in which we take a look at the new Kleiner fund).

This morning was more of the same. More bad news from COVID-19 and stock market concern. But this weekend saw other new problems, such as a collapse in oil prices and low yields on Treasury bonds. What happens when all US government notes yield less than 1%? We are about to discover it.

For us this morning, what matters is that COVID-19 is still spreading, global stock markets continue to fall and national stocks are about to be hit, if pre-market trade is an indication. Currently, stocks are losing approximately 5% of losses as we write to you.

Omitting the order of the program, this is what we have in mind this morning:

  • What happens with the valuations of the private market? now As the public market continues to change in price? When does the feeling change?
  • What happens when new companies withdraw spending and seek slower but more efficient growth?
  • Finally, what about all the companies that are looking for publicly traded? Like Asana (more here), Procore (notes here), Accolade (our coverage), not to mention Postmates, DoorDash (read this) and Airbnb (more here). Currently, it seems that we could launch into the second quarter of 2020 with two IPOs backed by non-biotech companies, under our belts.

Finally in the program, we could mention rounds of seeds for Airmeet, Sama and Vivoo. Those, at least, brought some optimism a day.

Sooner, and stay informed this week. It is a good time to be aware of the news.

Equity falls every Friday at 6:00 a.m. PT, so subscribe to us at Apple Podcasts, Cloudy, Spotify And all the molds.


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