Clean your act with a bidet for any budget


Tushy Classic

Photography: John Bedell

Even the least practical owner can install this simple spritzer in minutes. The Tushy fits under any existing toilet seat and works with the most basic plumbing connection and no electrical wiring. A side console allows you to adjust both the angle of the nozzle and the water pressure, unfortunately, not the temperature, so the water will remain refreshing.

$ 99

Toto Washlet A100

Photography: John Bedell

Toto bidets are reliable, fairly priced and easy to use; You may have found the rear wipers of the Japanese brand in elegant sushi restaurants. A side module has controls for angle, water temperature and aerated flow pressure. In addition, the seat is heated to make cold winter mornings a little less risky. This also requires a power outlet.

$ 499

Seat heated with night light Kohler C3-430

Photography: John Bedell

Get rid of uncomfortable contortions with Kohler's heated bidet. The handheld remote control (not shown) allows you to create two custom settings for temperature, angle and water pressure. At this real price, the throne also has a silent closing cap, a stainless steel nozzle that self-sterilizes with UV light and an LED night light that gives the bowl a cozy glow. Yes, you need to plug it in.

$ 649

Style: Pakayla Biehn

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