Cole Sprouse revealing if there’s a hope for a ‘suite life’

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody had skyrocketed Cole and Dylan Sprouse to achieve such high stardom. Cole did give a definitive answer about a potential ‘Suite Life,’ reboot during his interview “Drew Barrymore Show.” Cole Sprouse is currently 28 years old, and she won’t be doing it. Cole has said it on the 19th January edition of The Drew Barrymore Show, “I’m asked all the time if Dylan and I are going to do a Suite Life reboot, and I go, ‘No, absolutely not.”

He further said, “Reboots are a tricky thing, you know? The original shows when they become successful sit in this little golden plate of nostalgia and when you modernize it and go back to it, it has the potential to really disenfranchise the original fanbase so it’s a very, very touchy thing.”

It is quite evident that Kole seems to be open in the past about not actually being interested in a reboot. Cole and Dylan Sprouse, his identical twin brother was starred in the Disney Channel series from the year 2005 to that of 2008. The show did actually become a massive hit and then it even came up with a sequel series. 

The sequel was named as The Suite Life on Deck which went successfully from the year 2008 to that of 2011. A TV movie that was titled as The Suite Life Movie was premiered then in 2011. As the Suite Life era finished, Cole and Dylan both took a break from their career in acting and then they went to the New York University. Cole had studied archaeology over there and then he took up photography. Both the brothers graduated from college during 2015. 

Cole getting back to the acting industry

Cole resumed his career in acting by playing the role of Jughead Jones in Riverdale. It was the fifth seasom of the show and was premiered on 20th of January on The CW. While his interview was on, Drew Barrymore who was just 45 years old had discussed about his breakout role in the 1999 comedy Big Daddy. They were starred as the adorable Julian who was seen alongside the 54 years old, Adam Sandler who happened to be a longtime friend of Drew. 

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