Commercial Exterior Lighting Tips

Lighting is essentially the most important aspect in the modern world. It is equally essential both indoors and outdoors of any functional space or a place which is open for public use. Commercial areas are one such example of spaces which are open to public access hence they need quality lighting round the clock. 

For commercial exterior lighting, it is necessary to create an ambience for security, safety and visibility and for this exact reason there are two types of outdoor lighting fixtures LED flood lights and LED wall packs. To get the most out of these fixtures it is essential to know a few tips, which are as follows: 

  1. Conduct a photometric study of the area

A photometric study is essential to determine the total luminous flux which is required to properly illuminate the area. A photometric study is done by measuring the area which requires illumination and it helps determine the positioning of the light fixtures to create a lighting layout which does not have any bright or dark spots, while the fixtures chosen are under the regulations of the area. 

  1. Choosing the right fixture 

It is highly necessary to look out for the kind of fixture which you are getting for the outdoors as vast spaces require lighter, but in case of exterior of commercial buildings there are two ways the floodlights and wall packs can be used. 

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Flood lights are broad beamed lights with adjustable angles ranging from 0–120 degrees. They are positioned around the corners mostly or one big flood light with higher lumen output is enough for an open space like a small courtyard. Flood lights have very high intensity light which is essential in the dark. 

Wall packs, on the other hand, are smaller and accenting light fixtures for outdoors. They are positioned on the surface of the walls across the building and their different cutoff designs enable them to be of use in such technical spaces. They are not particularly to illuminate a large space but rather to illuminate a specific area like entrances, alleys, gardens, boundary walls, etc. 

Flood lights, on the other hand, can be mounted on poles, above or in front of the buildings or roofs of the buildings as they have several mounting options. 

  1. Choosing the right cutoff designs 

Both the outdoor fixtures are available in several cut-off designs as per the regulations surrounding the dark sky compliance. It is implemented in order to reduce light pollution and for the safety of people around the area. The cut-off designs also help with accenting the building by highlighting the architectural features of the building. There are 4 types of cut-off designs: 

  • up/down. 
  • Semi cutoff 
  • Full cutoff 
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These cut-off designs help with redirecting the light according to the requirements of the area. 

  1. Know the various fixtures 

Although wall packs and flood lights are the main kinds of exterior light fixtures but as per the requirement of several commercial zones LED manufacturers have produced several lights which are commonly known as pole lights, canopy lights, parking lot lights, high mast lights, etc. all of these lights vary in design and features according to what their name suggests. 

Because of the wide range of applications and a range of lumen intensity it comes down to specifications which help choose the specific light for use. 

  1. Choose LEDs and here’s why: 

LEDs are the best choice for exterior grade lighting and the reasons are as follows: 

  1. Energy efficient 

LEDs save energy. They consume only a fraction of energy and produce lighter which is directional and focused. The heat emission is very low and their design features make them more compatible with harsh climatic conditions which are relative to outdoors. 

  1. Higher lumen output 

They have comparatively higher lumen output and a low wattage light still has more lumens than a traditional fixture. 

  1. Low maintenance 
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Super low maintenance. They do not require replacements or frequent maintenance due to their durable built and design features specifically protect them against many precursors leading to fixture damage. 

  1. Flexible and Durable 

LED light fixtures are highly durable and their application across several commercial exteriors is due to the fact that they have very flexible installation options. This enables them to be installed across and around the commercial exteriors for general as well as facade lighting. 

6. Check the IP rating 

Most outdoor fixtures are IP rated against water, dust and chemicals. As per the requirement of the area; which in case it is prone to extreme climatic conditions like heavy rainfall or dust storms it is necessary to choose higher IP ratings like IP66 or IP67 rated fixtures. Whereas for rather shielded areas fixtures with IP65 rating work fine. 

These ratings are essential in order to enhance the function, durability and lifespan of the fixture. 


In today’s world, the main focus of any individual is sustainable and cost-effective solutions to most needs. LEDs offer this benefit while being very environment-friendly and producing high quality bright and glare free light. They reduce the cost of electricity and enhance the ambience of most exteriors due to their versatile control options.

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