Cor blimey guvnor, Mario's next stop on Mario Kart Tour will be London •


Hello boys. There is Big Ben and there is Parliament.

Mario Kart Tour arrives at Blighty.

For his next limited time event, Mario jumps across the pond to enjoy the sights and sounds of London for the next stage of the Mario Kart Tour. Along with a new track centered in London, you can expect to see two new characters, take a look at their silhouettes below, in addition to matching equipment, such as go-karts and gliders.

"Can't I wait to hear the latest about what's coming in #MarioKartTour?" teases a tweet in the official Twitter account. "Then we have good news! Beginning on December 3 at 10 p.m. PT, take a trip across the pond to London, the capital of England! And get ready for two drivers to be added to the spotlight!"

Mario Kart Tour visits London from 6 a.m., UK time, on Wednesday, December 4.

The previous TLE of Mario Kart Tour took us to Paris and offered a French peach variant before acquiring a decidedly festive flavor when it launched Santa Mario, which runs until the end of December.

Mario Kart Tour was launched at the end of September and broke records, making it the most downloaded Nintendo smartphone game at launch after 90 million downloads in its debut week.

As Tom previously reported, you will need the monthly subscription of 4.99 Mario Kart Tour to be the first to try your next multiplayer mode. Nintendo will launch the real-time multiplayer offer of the mobile broker in December, but this beta test will only be for those subscribed to its Gold Pass, as will the 200cc racing level that is also blocked for Gold subscribers.

There are currently no details on how long the beta test will last and how long it will be exclusive to Gold Pass.

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