Cover of Silicon Review publishes as the Creator of the Cloud: Allied Wallet CEO Ahmad Khawaja Featured

Dr Ahmad Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet is recently recognized as a global leading provider of online credit card processing. He was recently featured on the cover of Silicon Review that was entitled as “The Creator of the Virtual Wallet and eventually the Cloud.” The CEO Dr Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet has recently been shown in different publications all across the globe for his contributions in technological advancement. The company has been growing through so many years and it is all due to the best rated company practices, and his humanitarian efforts. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja is titled as the Creator of the Cloud and “A kingpin of the e-commerce space.” This publish reveals his contributions in the field of technology, and thus, we came to know about how he did so well in this industry. He also made it possible for the e-commerce space to transact online, and that too, safely and easily. While it has always been an issue for the merchants and the customers to deal with online payments, it is made easier than ever with the advent of the Allied Wallet. 

Allied Wallet: Possible only with a top-notch team

Dr Ahmad Khawaja, the CEO of the Allied Wallet, created a service model around 10 years back wherein he has come up with a PCI Level 1 secured system that would assure managing, backing up, and thus, maintaining a private data that is available over a certified payment gateway services. The CEO went on saying that the journey has never been easy for him. However, he is extremely grateful to his team who has worked so hard in turning his dream into a reality. He says that he had a vision of establishing himself into this industry, and not with the motif of making profits and thus, earn a huge amount of money. He rather had the intention of helping out others, and his team worked in turning his dream into a reality. Of course, the efforts of his team are calculated and that is the only thing that had made this journey turn into a boon. 

Ahmad Khawaja: Sparked a shift with its innovation in the field of technology

It is only because of such a great team that Allied Wallet has become so successful and thus, established itself in the industry. Its contributions in the field of technology has made it possible for the organization to feature state-of-the-art online payment service for various websites, and thereby, assure protecting the payments for different business owners and the online shoppers to have a vision that sparked a great insight altogether. It is only because the CEO has always thought of staying ahead in the industry, and he says that it could only be possible when the company would be able to anticipate the customers much before they reveal the things all by themselves. 

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