Covid 19 fake documents are adding fuel to the fire in containing the pandemic

NewsDio Desk : The vaccination derive has taken momentum with war footing across the length and breadth of the world, however sadly along with the same there has also started a very unfortunate trend. 

Yes, I am talking about how fake vaccination documents are having huge market and they are being sold for a whopping $250.

The reason why these documents are gaining momentum is mainly because they provide an authenticated picture of an individual giving the green signal for the specific individual that he/she is perfectly fine. Yes, it shows that the individual is vaccinated and is perfectly eligible to travel various parts of the world, despite the restrictions which are imposed as of late.

The news has come to the fore as the ‘Check Point Research’ has highlighted the associated malpractice which is going unabated, as these fake documents are becoming a common feature on Darknet along with various hacking forums.

People are highly making use of these platforms who are in urgent need to board flights or cross border or even looking to get a new job for themselves. 

These fake documents have a tendency of endangering the lives of so many people, as one never know whether they are really eligible to travel or not. 

What exactly is ‘fake vaccine passport’?

The method of working of generating these fake passports is usually through a well strategized mechanism. The accused use the same template which is used in an original format. Then the details of the buyer are forged so that a fake vaccination document can be created which is then sent. 

This is how the buyer uses the document in its printed or digitalized format so that the relevant authorities can be convinced that the specific individual is fit to travel overseas. Startlingly, besides the fake vaccination documents, even fake Covid 19 tests results can also be achieved by just paying approximately $25. 

The report has suggested that there has been an increase in how people are looking for these reports in the past three months, as a whopping 300% increase has been reported. Besides Covid, even fake documents can be achieved with regards to other vaccines as well. 

Sadly, the fake vaccination document has become so popular that hackers have found a unique way to make their business reach high. Yes, they have attracted buyers to purchase two documents while the third one will be totally free for them.

The whole actions are so quick where the individual will get the report within 24 hours, if the report of a hacking forum is to be believed.

Many people have devised ways to earn quick bucks by using the opportunity. 

What needs to be done?

Hence, one needs to be very cautious and aware regarding how the racket of fake documents can jeopardize the very effort of authorities, as it can potentially spread across the world in no time. 

There has to be a greater mechanism for every country to internally manage the tests and the associated methodology of vaccinating people, so that the system can be fool proof and it can remove any loopholes. 

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