“Custombobblehead.cc” making big in gifting industry with Bobbleheads

“Custombobblehead.cc” making big in gifting industry with Bobbleheads

The advent of internet and easy accessibility of resources has enabled young entrepreneurs and artists to bring innovation in a traditional industry. And thanks to their creativity and professionalism they are not only making a living out of this but are also offering customers novel and interesting products.

The Bobbleheads is the latest in the list of such products conceived by young artists who were willing to push their creativity and bring a revelation in gifting industry. The gifting industry had hardly seen any innovations in the last decade. However in recent times, several young artists have taken this industry by storm by offering some unique and interesting products. The Bobbleheads are now the hottest trend in gifting industry. These miniature dolls that resemble a specific person have become a big hit for people looking for personalized and out-of-the-box gifts.

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Bobbleheads in a nutshell are a tiny version of a person as they look almost similar to a person. This resemblance and the flexibility to customize them as per the wishes of the customer have made Bobbleheads an ideal gifting option for various occasions. And with options like online purchase and home delivery, gifting Bobbleheads has become a walk in the park.

Sensing the massive potential in Bobbleheads, young artists and entrepreneurs have ventured into it and several of them are now reaping tremendous success.


 An online Bobbleheads store, ‘Custombobblehead’. Started recently, this online store has bloomed into a trusted brand in Bobbleheads industry and has become a go to place for people seeking creative and fine quality Bobbleheads. Grusha, the co-founder attributes the success of “ Custombobblehead.cc ” to her relentless pursuit of doing something new. She says, “I loved unique things from childhood. So when I came across Bobbleheads for the first time, I was melted. But the Bobbleheads I saw in market lacked precision. I felt I can do a better job. The thought soon turned into an idea of creating Bobbleheads by myself and soon the idea turned into a business plan thanks to my support system.”

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And soon “Custombobblehead.cc’ was set up to deliver creative and high quality Bobbleheads., there are plenty other artists and entrepreneurs who have made creating Bobbleheads their profession and because of them customers today have numerous options when selecting a Bobblehead.

Currently Bobbleheads are dominating the gifting industry and have already replaced several traditional gifting options. And as per the market experts, the popularity of Bobbleheads will continue to grow as people now look for a personal touch in gifts. This will surely provide more incentive for young artists to venture in Bobbleheads but it will also make the space more competitive for existing market leaders like ‘Custombobbelehead.cc’. However the team looks at the positive side of it and explains, “Healthy competition is good as it will keep us on toes to be creative and deliver high standards of professionalism.”

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