David Ayer comments on the cut of the director of Suicide Squad


David Ayer comments on the possibility of a suicide squad director cut

Earlier this week, Zack Snyder confirmed that his League of Justice cut is coming to HBO Max in 2021. This inevitably rekindled the conversation about alternative cuts from other ill-received superhero movies that are likely to be released in the future as well. David Yesterday Suicide Squad He also experienced his share of drama during post-production. Now, Yesterday wonders if a new version of her movie is likely to see the light of day.

Yesterday really fueled the rumor with a couple of mysterious posts on Twitter. Shortly after the Snyder Cut news, Yesterday tweeted some images related to Joker that seemed to suggest that the announcement of a Suicide Squad the director's cut was not far away. Unfortunately, when a fanatic suggested that certain legal obstacles would prevent this from happening, Yesterday essentially confirmed that this was the case

The ball is firmly on the Warner Bros. court in this case. It certainly bodes well that Yesterday does not seem to harbor any ill will towards the studio. Yesterday also said that there are many more images of the Joker by Jared Leto located somewhere in the archives of the WB. Still, there is the question of what kind of resources the studio is willing to give Ayer to realize his true vision for the film. Warner Bros. is reportedly giving Snyder an estimated $ 20-30 million to properly complete his League of Justice cut.

Would you like to see a director's cut from David Ayer Suicide Squad Down the line? Let us know in the comment section below!

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